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  • PDX Mega-Bator Male Auto Stroker by Pipedream Extreme - Product SKU PDRD298
  • PDX Mega-Bator Male Auto Stroker - Product SKU PDRD298
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Pipedream Mega-Bator Male Auto Stroker

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Product Description

Get your cock sucked and stroked by the most advanced, hands-free stroker ever!

The Pipedream Mega-Bator Male Auto Stroker is the only hands-free masturbator in the world that does all of the work for you!

No more need for manual pumping, stroking, or squeezing, just push a button and enjoy the most explosive pleasure that will make you orgasm harder than ever before! 

Unlike ordinary automatic strokers that either spin around or stroke up and down, the advanced Mega-Bator Male Auto Stroker combines both rotating and sucking action for the most mind-blowing orgasms you have ever experienced!

There are so many ways to enjoy pleasure using this male auto stroker! You can start by experimenting with different strokes and speeds to find what feels best for you. Some people prefer a fast and intense rhythm, while others might enjoy a slower and more sensual experience.

You might like to lie down and let the machine do all the work, or you might prefer to mount it using the suction base cup and get sucked dry that way - it's all up to you!

Try using the auto stroker on yourself while you watch porn, the combination of the visual stimulation and the feel of the male stroker can be really hot and lead to some awesome orgasms.

Another great way to use the automatic stroker is with a partner. No matter how you choose to enjoy it, the Mega Bator Male Auto Stroker is sure to give you hours of pleasure. Just strap it on and let the automatic stroker do its thing!

The best part is that you can set the male auto stroker to your desired speed and rhythm, so you can enjoy it just the way you like it. Plus, the stroker never gets tired, so you can go all night long! 

With no batteries to replace and no messy power cords to get in the way of the fun, this waterproof, USB rechargeable mens auto stroker is powered by a lithium battery and a super-strong motor that delivers incredible orgasms in endless pleasure combinations!

Don't forget to use plenty of lube, this will help keep things slick and enjoyable.


  • Realistic Pleasure Topper: Each Mega-Bator Stroker comes with it's very own realistic topper, a snug pussy, tight asshole or supple lips. Each topper is smooth, stretchy and warms to your body temperature to offer you a realistic feel. It also unscrews, giving you access to the pleasure sleeve for easy cleanup after the fun. Free toy cleaner included.
  • Elastomer Insert Sleeve: Unlike ordinary automatic strokers that use a generic sleeve for every model, all three Mega-Bators feature a custom TPE pleasure sleeve that mimics the properties of each body part! The elastomer pleasure sleeve is removable and can be turned inside-out for easy cleanup after the fun.
  • USB Rechargeable: Plug the Mega-Bator into any USB port to charge it. The LED light will blink while the unit is charging and turn solid once the charging is complete. Approximate run time is 1.5 hours and approximate charge time is 2 hours. 
  • Exclusive Sleeve Suspension System: Our state-of-the-art Sleeve Suspension System features a powerful magnet that locks the moving cup into place, making it easy to remove the sleeve for cleanup after the fun. Once the sleeve is inserted back into the plastic tube and suspended from the top of the cylinder, the super-stretchy material allows the user to get maximum penetration as the cup magically stretches when you’re inside the sleeve. 
  • Spinning and Sucking Action: Unlike ordinary male auto strokers that either spin around or stroke up and down, the advanced Mega-Bator combines both movements for the most realistic sensations ever reproduced! The reciprocating motion allows the textured pleasure sleeve to rotate while the gear thrusts up and down, sucking your cock and giving you the most lifelike stroking sensation ever delivered! 
  • One Touch Control Pad: The Mega-Bator Male Auto Stroker features five powerful speeds and ten thrilling pulsation patterns. Use the arrow keys to cycle through the functions, and use the plus and minus keys to increase or decrease the speed. 
  • Mobile Device Clamp and Locking Tab: Locks in your mobile device holding it in place while you watch your favorite porn on your mobile device and let the Mega Bator stroke your cock to orgasm!
  • Powerful Suction Cup and Air Lock Activator: Push the tab to lock down your male stroker to virtually any flat, hard surface. Easy one-touch locking mechanism holds your mobile device in place!
  • Waterproof: USE IT IN THE SHOWER! Attach the powerful suction cup of the male auto stroker to the bathroom wall and enjoy thrilling hands-free action in the shower.
  • Hand-held or Hands-Free Operation: Use your MEGA-BATOR as a hand-held stroker, or mount it to the suction cup bracket for a completely hands-free experience! Place your own mobile device in the mobile device clamp for added visual stimulation! 

Order your Pipedream Mega Bator Male Auto Stroker today to get the best stroke jobs everyday!

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