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Blowjob Machines In Los Angeles

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Blowjob Machines In Los Angeles

Carl was a 23 year old aspiring actor who lived in Hollywood, L.A. who had way too much energy and sex drive. He masturbated 5 times a day and was getting tired of doing it manually, his favorite way to masturbate was watching blowjob porn videos and he could browse them all day.

One day while browsing for the best blowjobs, he noticed an ad next to one of the dick sucking videos that mentioned a blowjob machine, at first he thought that maybe it was a joke or something because he had never heard of blow job machines.

The ad read: “Tired of using your hands.. Try a hands-free blowjob machine” and it has an image of a man using a blowjob machine around his cock. It was as if the universe was reading his mind.

He ignored the cock milking machine ads and continued manually masturbating his own cock to the blowjob videos, while doing so he started to become tired and thought about the blowjob machines ad that he had just seen but he continued to stroke his cock manually until he finally finished. He had to admit to himself that his cock was growing numb from so much self-tugging.

That night as he attempted to go off to sleep he thought about the dick milking machine ads he had saw and he started to really consider them since his dick was becoming quite numb and tired from the same old hand job he gave himself everyday.

He craved and wanted the sensation of a real blowjob, he dreamed of getting blowjobs from real blonde girls, latina girls and even black girls but he could not get the courage up enough to approach them when he saw them in the streets of L.A. He had only been living in Los Angeles for 3 months and did not know many people still.

blow job machine

He tossed and turned in his bed thinking about the penis milking machines, he even started masturbating in bed and got tired until he was too exhausted to even finish, he knew something had to change and he was feeling frustrated.

He would either have to get a girlfriend to give him all the blowjobs he wanted or really consider buying a blowjob machine.

He could not sleep that night so he got his laptop and jumped on the internet to research these blowjob machines. He searched for the best blowjob machines he could find and he discovered the website who carried a ton of male sex toys and blowjob machines.

He really liked this sex toy store because all of their blowjob machines had videos and reviews which he could watch and read. This made him really excited because he could actually see how the blowjob machines worked.

He started doing more research and saw that there were several different types of blowjob machines, for example there were rotating and spinning blowjob machines that spinned around your cock while you moved the blowjob machine up and down your cock.

Then there were thrusting and sucking blowjob machines which did not rotate but only sucked your cock like a real life blowjob.

And finally there were blowjob machines that did both, rotated around your cock and also sucked your cock up and down.

This really excited Carl who was quickly becoming a fan of blowjob machines. He also noticed that some used batteries and the newer ones were USB rechargeable.

Carl decided he wanted the best blow job machine and he was going to order a rotating and sucking rechargeable blowjob machine. He had never owned a sex toy before but he was excited to buy his first.

He decided to purchase the Lovebotz Strobe Rotating and Sucking USB Rechargeable Blowjob Machine for $175, he also decided on paying the extra $69 for expedited shipping.

That night he went to sleep so excited to experience his first blowjob machine that he actually had a lot of energy and masturbated himself to an amazing orgasm. Things were really looking up he thought.

penis sucking machine

He went to sleep in a peaceful bliss of post-orgasm with the thought of his blowjob machine coming in the mail.

The next day he received a tracking number from saying that his blowjob machine would arrive within 1 business day since it was also being shipped from Southern California.

The day his blowjob machine was supposed to arrive he had a casting to attend at 9:00 am for a role involving a porn star that he would play.

He got himself in the character of the role by masturbating to some blowjob videos and browsing for more blowjob machines at his new favorite sex toy store.

He noticed that not only carried blowjob machines but realistic vagins and masturbators as well that resembled real vaginas. This intrigued him because lately he was also into big round assess being fucked doggystyle but he did not want to get ahead of himself and decide to continue checking out all of the blowjob machines they offered.

Carl actually started to think about starting a blowjob machines collection with all of the best blowjob machines.

He showed up to the casting feeling like a porn star and like a whole new person with a new mojo. He felt sexy, he had just masturbated and could really feel his sexual energy coming back to him.

He was so excited about his blow job machine that he actually felt like a porn star who now played with sex toys and fucked hot girls.

blowjob machine rev1000

He knew that there was nobody better than him to play this role, the other guys would never buy a blowjob machine he thought.

As soon as he got into the audition room he began acting like the porn stars he saw in all of his porn videos, he had a new swagger about him and he was ready to prove it.

The audition started and he had so much energy and charisma with the role of porn star that he even improvised a little bit and pretended he was getting a blowjob.

The casting crew loved every minute of it and it looked like they had found their guy.

He left the audition feeling extra confident and even believed he was a porn star. He was ready to play with his new blowjob machine when he got home.

He drove home feeling great, on the way home he was playing his favorite music and feeling like a pornstar. He stopped at a light and he oozed so much sex and confidence that 2 beautiful girls pulled up beside him and gave him their phone number. One was blonde and one was brunette.

Things were really starting to turn around for Carl and he felt like he belonged in L.A. after he felt home sick for the past several months.

He knew exactly who he was going to masturbate to while using his brand new Lovebotz Strobe Rotating and Sucking Rechargeable Male Milking Machine.

Once he got home he noticed a very discreet package at his door step, a plain brown box very tightly sealed with no mentions of the contents or who it came from.

He looked around and no one was in sight so he picked up his package and carried it inside.

He could not wait to open his blowjob machine and got a pair of sharp scissors that he used to open all of his UPS packages, this one was a little harder and more discreet but he eventually managed to open it and get to the actual package.

He needed to charge the penis milking machine at first for a few hours which was fine for him because he was starving from such a long day that he wanted to eat and take a shower first.

After eating, showering and hanging out for a few hours he noticed that his blowjob machine was ready to go. It was about time because he was bored and so horny that he was about to masturbate without it.

He turned it on and tested it’s different modes and speeds, everything seemed to work just fine and it was now time to find the best blowjob videos he could find.

He browsed his favorite porn site and finally found a couple of blowjob videos that always made him get hard fast, they were of a latina women who sensually sucked a white man’s dick.

blow job machine ultra bator

The dick milking machine came with a free bottle of lube and he began stroking his cock with the lube gently at first to get started and hard.

After stroking his cock the usual way he felt a little fatigued from the manual labor and turned on his really cool blowjob machine, he inserted his cock and had his mind blown.

It felt better than he could ever imagine and it was stroking all the right parts! He was ecstatic and he instantly knew he made the right purchase.

He took his time with the blowjob machine and sat back as it stroked and sucked his cock.

He imagined the latina girl stroking and sucking his cock while he watched the video and could feel his erection become harder and harder.

He knew that at any moment he could come if he wanted to but he never wanted it to end!

At that moment, he received a phone call from the casting company, letting him know that he was chosen to star as the porn star actor that they were looking for, it was quite embarrassing for him to talk on the phone about playing a porn star while having his other hand on the blow job machine that was still stroking his cock.

After he hung up the phone, he was so excited that he wanted to call his mom and dad back to tell them all about his new role but then he thought about what they would say. He continued masturbating with his blowjob machine instead and had one of the best orgasms of his entire life.

He actually felt like a real porn star having the blowjob machine stroke his cock while watching his favorite porn movie.

But he was not satisfied, in order to become and play a porn star he was going to need more practice and stamina. He decided he was going to have to feel more comfortable with his sexuality around women because he was going to be naked in many scenes with some beautiful women.

On the phone, they had told him that he was actually going to engage in sex in this independent film that had one sex scene and he needed to be able to perform in front of the camera.

They told him the girl who he was going to be fucking and he found her on instagram, she was an amazing looking blonde girl from Sweden, this made him horny but super nervous because he didn’t want to embarrass himself.

That’s when he remembered that not only sold blowjob machines but realistic pussy and asses which he could practice on!

cock milking machine

This made his anxiety turn into excitement, he was so excited to impress the casting crew and deliver the most amazing sex possible on camera.

He quickly went back onto and started browsing for a realistic pussy and ass that he could buy and fuck to gain the necessary experience. After browsing for a little while he found the perfect realistic pussy and ass, it was called Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator and he was super excited to have sex with it but he needed to order it first, after ordering it with fast expedited shipping so that it could arrive in 2 days.

He was now more confident than ever, he knew that with his blowjob machine and his realistic pussy, he had all the tools to play a real porn star and give the performance of his life time.

To be continued...


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