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Male Masterbators and the Girl Next Door

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Male Masterbators and the Girl Next Door

David finally purchased his first male masturbator, he had been dreaming and researching about them for about a week. He did not know whether to get a blowjob machine or a fake pussy toy. He eventually decided he would get both just to make it fun.

David was 23 and went to UCLA and it was during the summer time that he decided to experiment with masturbators. He lived with his roommate who told him about them and they both decided on purchasing one on My Sexy Fantasies.

The first masturbator that arrived was the blowjob machine and boy was he excited to try it out and see how awesome it would be. He had been spying on his neighbor who would undress everyday by her window after she got out of work.

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His neighbor was a 24 year old blonde banker who he would stroke his cock too every day at 5 pm and this time he would stroke his cock with his new male masturbator as he watched her undress.

She had been his fantasy for almost a year and he had been masturbating to her since that time. When his masturbator finally arrive at 4:00 pm he was so anxious because he knew he only had an hour left before she came.

When the male sex machine first arrived he wasn’t sure what it was because it was so discreetly packaged in a plain brown box. But he soon became excited once he opened it.

He took it out of the box and began to play with it. He first needed to insert two AA batteries into it to get it to start up but once it started he was so excited he got completely naked and ready for his usual afternoon show.

Now it was 5:00 pm and there she was, luckily for him he had already lubed up his cock and stroked it a little bit before in order to get warmed up. Once she started undressing, he let the male masturbator do it’s thing.

He had never felt such pleasure before, it was a new sensation of joy and stroking. It felt better than any masturbation he ever had before. He almost didn’t need to see her in order to orgasm, the masterbater was so damn good, he could easily cum from using it alone.

After he stroked his cock to the best orgasm of his life while watching his neighbor, David was super excited about his new masterbaters, he could not believe he would be masturbating with such an awesome male sex toy from now on! Where was this awesome machine all his life?! He wondered!

It was summer and David needed to travel to San Francisco to be with his family the next day, he was so happy his blowjob sex toy had arrived just in time to take with him.The day came and he had packed his male masturbator very well between his clothing and other items he would need that weekend. After catching a ride with an uber he was on his plane, headed to San Francisco where his parents lived.

On the plane ride, the craziest thing happened, he sat next to a girl who was also his hot but he was way too shy for him to talk to her even though he wanted to so bad. It made him so incredibly horny just sitting by her.

During the late night trip, around 3:00 am David was so horny just by looking at her that he decided he would put one of his blankets over his cock and stroke himself while looking at her.

He made sure to be extra quiet as he grabbed for his new male masturbator and slowly unzipped his pants. She moved a little in her seat but he remained still until she went back to sleep. After he was sure she was fully asleep he carefully and slowly turned on his blowjob machine which was surprisingly quiet.

He began stroking himself with his automatic masturbator as he looked at her, it did not take long for him to come to orgasm and boy did he orgasm. He created such a mess that he needed to go clean it up in the bathroom which caused her to wake up along with a few other people.

The flight arrived several hours later and he was well rested when he arrived in San Francisco. At the airport he saw the girl pointing at him and talking to security while making a masturbation gesture and he hurried up and got into his ride.

Had she seen him masturbating with his blow job machine? Why didn’t she say anything? Maybe she was embarrassed he thought.

David always enjoyed visiting his parents because they made him the best home cooked meals and his room was always just how he left. All has porn stashes were still in place and he could not wait to use his masturbator later that night after dinner.

Unfortunately for David, his parents were renting out his room to someone and they told him he could not stay with them. He was devastated but they told him that they had gotten him a hotel near by which made him feel a little better.

Back at the hotel, David was in heaven, they had so many porn channels for him to masturbate to and use his male masturbator that he was actually happier at the hotel rather than at home where his parents who could catch him masturbating.

At the hotel he actually heard a couple next to him having sex and that made him horny. After masturbating a couple of times with his new blowjob machine he decided to go out for a quick smoke before going to bed.

While having a cigarette he struck up a conversation with a girl who was staying next to him and even though it didn’t go anywhere and she was on the chubby side, it was enough for him to have something to masturbate to.

He must have masturbated over 5 times that night with his new male blowjob toy. He was so drained that he woke up in a bed full of tissues with sperm all over them and a dry cold pizza by his side. He could not remember the night before very much when he woke up.

But he soon got up and jumped in the shower where he proceeded to masturbate with his new male masturbation toys once more that morning still thinking of that chubby girl next door.

When David was checking out of his hotel room, he actually saw the chubby girl walking away with her daughter and husband which made him feel weird about masturbating so much while thinking about her

His addiction to masturbation was getting out of hand, not only because he was using his masterbators more often now but because he was masturbating more frequently.

automatic male masturbator

The weekend past and it was fairly uneventful for him. In fact, it was quite boring because he could not use his masterbator as much as he wanted to. A few days later he was back home.

It was Monday and he knew what he was waiting for, he intentionally not masturbate that whole day in order to see his neighbor get undressed and have the best orgasm while using his new blow job machine.

Luckily for him, his other realistic pussy male masturbation toys had arrived earlier that day and he intended to fuck it while watching his neighbor.

The time came and he saw her enter her apartment and he knew what was coming. He went into his room and prepared himself, he got naked, he got some lube, he stroked his cock a little bit and he took out his brand new realistic pussy toy out of the box to prepare to fuck it.

He could easily fuck it standing up which he planned on doing so.

As his neighbor began undressing, he stood by his window with his realistic pussy in hand, he was sure she would never catch him because she would need to look out of her window since he was a floor above hers.

He began seeing her undress and he began fucking his rubber pussy, he fucked it over and over and to his surprise it felt even more real than a real pussy even though it had been over a year since he actually fucked a girl, he was sure this felt better.

He needed to sit down because it felt so good, he could not believe how real it felt. After he gathered his composure, he went back to the window and began fucking his blow job machine standing up once again.

But she was not at her usual spot, he was left standing there like an idiot, he was completely naked with his dick inside of a rubber vagina, that’s when he noticed her in her bathroom staring directly at her in disgust and shame!

She could not believe what this crazy pervert was doing? And he could not believe he had been caught! Her bathroom window was the only place that she could directly see everything he was doing and that’s where she was!

She immediately put on clothes and ran out of her house towards his. She knocked on his door and he was the only one home at the time so he had to answer. He quickly threw on some clothes, put all his male masturbators away and answered the door.

blowjob stroker

She was furious and began yelling at him all sorts of obscenities. She threatened to call the police, to tell her boyfriend and to tell all the neighbors about this crazy sexual pervert who was masturbating by her window.

David knew he was in deep shit unless he could explain this crazy situation. Luckily enough for David, at the very moment that she was furiously cursing him out at his door step he received a phone call from his parents.

It was actually his mom informing him that his sister was in the hospital due to a car accident and was in severe fatal condition.

David immediately promised to explain everything to his neighbor but told her that he was just informed of a family emergency and that he needed to go see his family at that very moment.

She was still furious and confused as she was leaving his apartment to go back to hers. As for David, he hurried up and started packing to go back to be with his family, he packed as much stuff as he could including his new automatic male masterbator.

As the days went by, David’s sister was able to recover thanks to the support from her family and the treatment she received from the hospital.

But since then, David’s parents have heard all about this crazy masturbation incident and they want him to move back home. 

David has been avoiding his neighbor at all costs and is looking for a new place to live, he is not sure if he will be using blowjob masturbator anymore since the incident.

His spying days are also over and is sticking to porn to alleviate his horny problem.

The only problem is that on the other side of his apartment, there is a new neighbor who just moved and in and she is even hotter than the other neighbor, she is younger and much more beautiful.

She is a young blonde girl who looks to be about 21 and walks around in blue shorts and pink t-shirt with blonde hair, the masturbator is calling his name but he does not want to get caught again.

He is now spying on her and just ordered a new blowjob machine that resembles her blonde hair.

One afternoon as he was spying on her, she noticed her talking to his other neighbor who had previously caught him masturbating while spying on her.

“Oh no,” David said while panicking, “What could they be talking about?” he thought.

Then all of a sudden he could see his neighbor pointing in the direction of his window and the new hot neighbor making a shocked face.

That’s when he knew he needed to move out. 

The end.


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