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Fake Vagina Sex Toys at the Gym

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Fake Vagina Sex Toys At the Gym

Austin has been a gym trainer for many years and although he socialized with many ladies, he was not doing very well in that department.

He still took his male sex toys to work, in fact, he relied on them for all his lonely nights. He would put them in his backpack or leave them in his locker.

He would love using his blowjob machines in the shower, he specifically choose waterproof rechargeable automated masturbator for that reason.

His issue with the ladies seemed to be on the first date, he was horrible at the whole dating scene and in fact almost gave up on dating completely several years ago.

That’s when decided to invest money and time into finding the best blowjob simulator He figured they were very similar to being with real women without the headaches, the expensive dinners, the time spent and the risk of disease or pregnancy.

He made a whole list of pros and cons why blowjob sex toys were better than dating actual women or having a girlfriend.

One of the blowjob machines would cost him a few hundred dollars while a girlfriend would cost him so much more every weekend on dinners, movies, dates and what else she would need. Although Austin was making good money, he wanted to save up for a nice foreign sports car and he figured it might be a good idea to invest in a male stroker.

realistic male masturbator

He also wasn’t sure he wanted to date around, he had hard of all the statistics and diseases you can get from having intercourse even with a condom on.

The first thing that came to his mind was a fleshlight but after reading a couple of reviews, it was just not what he was looking for. He did not like the idea of still having to stroke his cock with his hand.

He then looked at the autoblow but that wasn’t for him either, he read lots of reviews stating that autostroker was a piece of crap.

That’s when he started on a mission to find the best ones he could find and did lots of research on different sites, comparing prices, comparing shipping costs and a few other pros and cons about different sex toys for men.

He noticed some of them were hands free electric and automatic while others were realistic pussy and asses.

He dug a little deeper into the automatic masturbators because he knew they could do all the work for him and he could just sit back and relax while they stroked his cock.

After doing some more research on a new website he found called My Sexy Fantasies where he noticed that the automatic male masturbators also had their own difference in features.

For example there was an automatic masturbator that only rotated around your cock at different speeds and rotation directions. He was very excited about the idea of having a blowjob simulator rotating around his cock but he would still need to jack his cock off up and down stroking it himself.

So he dug a little deeper and read more descriptions, he soon found some that rotated and sucked your cock up and down, this made him really excited because that was what Austin had been looking for, some male masturbators that would do all the work for him.

He found a penis sucking machine that rotated around his cock but also sucked his cock up and down.

He proceeded to add it to his cart and checkout. But he also saw something that interested him and caught his fancy, they were the realistic pussy and ass sex toys.

Austin decided to go back and buy himself a realistic pussy and ass just for fun, he figured he would give them a try as well and maybe do some work on some nights.

fake pussy toy

He began a quick search on My Sexy Fantasies for a fake pussy.

He saw some really huge ones well over 25 pounds and he also saw some smaller to medium sized ones around 15 pounds or less.

He decided he really liked the Junk in the Trunk artificial vagina that was shaped and colored after a black girl. He really had a thing for black girls and specifically his co-worker Teresa who he admired very much because of her athletic figure.

He masturbated frequently to the thought of Teresa and black ass sex toy reminded him of her, he quickly added it to his cart and proceeded to checkout. Checkout was quick and easy.

A few days later he had received a package, very tightly sealed, very discreet and in a plain brown box. He wondered who it could be from because it did not mention the contents of the box or who it came from.

After opening it, he saw his male masturbators right in front of him, he was a little surprised that they had arrived so fast when he did not pay for expedited shipping.

He was thrilled but unfortunately he could not open them just yet he needed to go to work as a gym trainer that morning.

At work he saw Teresa looking even sexier than usual, this made him get a boner almost which he accidentally put over the face of a girl he was spotting. It quickly embarrassed him and he made his way to the bathroom to gather his composure.

Upon coming out of the bathroom he resumed helping members of the gym but he could not keep his eyes off of Teresa, he wanted to get a clear mental picture of her so he could properly fuck his male stroker later tonight.

He was excited to fuck his new tight, petite, brown pussy which he had already named Teresa.

5:00 pm rolled around and he headed home, he did his usual routine of taking a second shower at home and have his afternoon dinner around 6:00 pm

During the whole time all he could think about was Teresa, his co-worker and his fake pussy that he was excited to finally fuck.

The time had come to fuck his realistic male masturbator initially named Junk in the Trunk but since then Austin was calling it Teresa hoping to somehow make it as real as her.

He took it out of the box and was in amazement, he put on his favorite black porn star’s video and undressed himself in front of his computer.

The thought of ever having a wife and children cross his mind or would he have to fuck male strokers all of his life.

Although Austin was only 24, he knew he did not want a wife and children, he saw no value they could add to his life.

But what kind of life was fucking a realistic pussy toy?" He thought to himself. He needed to find a balance, Austin was terrified of commitment yet he did not want to be alone.

All of these thoughts raced through his head as he was about to fuck his rubber pussy Teresa, he lubed up his cock and began stroking it to his black porn which also resembled Teresa.

He also thought about marriage and kids with Teresa but he knew he was now day dreaming too much and put that idea aside.

He just thought about Teresa’s skinny long legs and tight ass.

His cock quickly became erect and he started fucking Teresa, he was surprised at how real it felt, he was taken aback by the realistic tightness of the rubber vagina.

stroker toy

It almost made him cum right away but he needed to relax, it felt so good. Austin was not a virgin but he could not remember a real pussy feeling this amazing, it caught his attention.

Teresa was extremely tight yet wrapped around his cock perfectly with the included lube, he completely forgot about the real Teresa for a minute as he pounded away on his male masturbator.

He even started talking dirty to it and spanking it. He was totally into it and was fully enjoying it. It felt better than real sex and beginning to sweat.

His bed was rocking and making noises from fucking the rubber vagina so hard and fast. He thought about the neighbors hearing the noise but he didn’t care, he kept fucking it harder and harder until he had one of the biggest orgasms of his whole entire life!

He then laid on his bed and contemplated over what just took place, he caught his breath and laid down for a while.

After getting up to get some water, he noticed he had a missed phone call from Teresa which he found weird because she never calls him unless it’s something important.

He soon called Teresa back and they chatted for a little bit, it turned out she called him to ask him to cover for her the following day because she felt a little sick.

Austin agreed to cover her shift even though it was his day off.

The following day Austin awoke and felt refreshed after a long night of sleep. He was in a great mood, in fact he could not remember the last time he felt so good and he knew it was all thanks to the help of his rubber pussy.

He also noticed he was going to be late if he did not hurry to work, even though he wanted to fuck his fake vagina once again that morning, he did not have time so instead he put it in his duffel bag and took it to work. He decided he would fuck the fake pussy in the shower at work.

When he got to work, everything was how it usually was, clients and members received their help and he enjoyed helping them.

He noticed he was actually able to focus more on helping customers because he not distracted and horny when looking at sexy girls around the gym.

Some girls even noticed this and attempted to seduce him with their eyes but he just maintained focus as if he now had a girlfriend.

vagina sex toy

After work, Austin was excited to pull his stroker toy out of his duffel bag and go into the staff shower room to fuck it.

He was the only one working that afternoon and felt comfortable taking it in the shower.

He didn’t have to lube up his cock or anything, he just got naked, covered the male stroker with another towel and covered himself in a towel then got into the shower.

He first cleaned his body up while stroking his cock and soon after getting rock hard he started to fuck the vagina sex toy.

Once again, he could believe how real it felt, he started talking dirty to it and spanking it.

“Yeah, you love that don’t you Teresa?” he said as he was getting into it.

“You have such a nice tight pussy Teresa, you love when I shove my whole cock into it, don’t you?” he continued while fucking it harder and harder each time.

“You’re gonna make me cum Teresa, oh Teresa,” he kept going.

That’ when someone opened the shower door and asked, “Who keeps calling my name??”

There was Teresa, his actual co-worker, looking at Austin with a brown realistic pussy and ass in Austin’s hand as he was fucking it!

She immediately looked away and was embarrassed at what she saw.

Austin was also embarrassed, dropped his dake pussy and asked “Don’t you knock? I thought you were sick,” in a frantic voice.

She saw his 8 inch cock fucking what seemed like a brown fake vagina.

pussy ass masturbator

She could not contain herself from laughing outside of the shower door, “I came to pick up my check and I heard someone saying my name.”

She said before bursting out into laughter.

“I got it,” she said as she found her check and proceeded to walk out.

Austin had never been more embarrassed in his life, he finished fucking his fake pussy toy and proceeded to finish showering before heading home.

He was so embarrassed, he actually thought about quitting and not coming to work anymore.

But something happened that made him change his mind.

To be continued....


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