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BlowJob Simulators and a One Night Stand

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BlowJob Simulators and a One Night Stand

Alex was a ladies man and no one could beat him at that, his phone was continuously ringing or blowing up from hot chicks texting him, but most of the time Alex just ignored them to fuck his blowjob strokers! He had an actual passion for blow job toys and masturbation in general!

He had always been fascinated by porn and masturbation since he was young. That is why he decided he would become a ladies man and even though he did well with the ladies, his passion remained masturbation.

At the moment, he was dating 3 girls, one asian, one white and one spanish. Even though Alex continously hooked up with them and they all knew about each other, his libido was enormous and he always needed to masturbate with the help of his auto masturbator.

He would wear out the girls he would date, he would fuck them multiple times and they would go to sleep, meanwhile Alex still had the urge to still masturbate after!

He had no shame in showing his male masturbators to his fuck-buddies, they actually thought they were cool and different.

He owned a couple of male strokers, he had two realistic pussies, one was 25 pounds and the other was only 15 pounds, they reminded him of his latina girl with the big booty and his asian girl with the more petite ass.

penis stroker

He also owned a blowjob toy for men that was hands free and rechargable, at the moment this was his favorites because he didn’t need to do anything but sit back and let it suck him off!

On Tuesdays, he saw Tracy which was the cute 25 year old asian girl, on these nights he would use the more petite pussy male masturbator with her, along with a blowjob machine.

On Thursdays, he saw Brianna, the cute 28 year old Mexican girl he met at Starbucks while getting his usual morning coffee, for these nights Alex liked to take out his 25 pound brown male masturbator.

On Sundays, he hangs out with Megan, the thin athletic 22 year old white girl who plays volleyball, whom he met at the post office while dropping off some mail. On this night, he brings out all of his male strokers and creates a wild crazy orgasmic party.

But tonight was Friday and he was a free man, his friend Anthony and Mikey were coming over tonight to go to the hottest and newest nightclub in town, “XTC” that was gaining popularity quickly as the coolest night life.

Alex was super excited to check it out, the idea of meeting hot girls there made him super horny, Alex decided masturbate to get his blood flow going and he new just the male sex toy he needed for this night.

It was his brand new male masturbator, this was the hottest selling auto stroker on the market and by all the reviews it was getting, it was sure to blow his mind.

He still had an hour before Mikey and Anthony arrived at his home.

Alex also believed that when he masturbated using his vibrating stroker that it helped him calm down and do better with the ladies because he was not as needy since he had already busted his load earlier.

On this particular night, he wanted to do exceptionally well with the ladies at “XTC” so he planned on blowing two loads for good luck, the first one by fucking Sofia, his brown pussy stroker that weighed 25 pounds, he named this realistic pussy Sofia because it reminded him of a Spanish weather woman with that name who also had an enormous scrumptious ass.

automatic blowjob machine

He would fuck this male masturbator while watching her on the weather channel.

He saved his second orgasm for the male milking machine which kind of intimidated him at first because it was such a large stroker for men.

It was now 9:30 pm and Mikey and Anthony were supposed to come over at 10:00 pm to pre-party and loosen up for the big night.

He had 30 minutes to fuck this thing and bust a nut, he had never used it before so he was excited to try it out.

The milking machine came with two cylinders, a small one and a big one, one to masturbate the head of the penis and one to masturbate the entire shaft.

He took out his favorite lube and put on his favorite porn, he added the lube to his cock and began stroking his cock to get it hard, the porn was of a big booty latina, he recently had a fetish for big booty latinas and he found he liked.

After his cock got rock hard, he put the small cylinder over the head of his penis and felt the suction immediatley begin.

The cool thing about this blowjob toy for men was that you could make it suck harder or slower depending on how horny you felt.

rubber vagina for men

He initially turned it on with a slow speed to get his cock hornyier and more excited which did not take long, after about 3 minutes, he needed to change over to the large cylinder so he could feel his whole cock sucked and milked.

The large cylinder completely devoured his cock and began milking it furiously, he turned the dial up all the way and it felt even better than a real blowjob!

It was sucking, milking, jerking, swallowing and pleasuring his cock like he had never felt before! Why didn’t I buy this blowjob sex toy before he thought!

“This is by far the greatest invention ever,” he thought!

He didn’t have much time to enjoy it because he was in a hurry but after about 5 minutes, his entire cock had been milked to orgasm.

This was his new favorite blowjob sex toy!

After busting the best nut he had busted in a long time, he put on his pants and got ready for Mikey and Anthony to arrive.

Soon after Mikey and Anthony arrived dressed to impress. They quickly got in Mikey’s car and they were off to the club feeling cool and relaxed listening to music hip hop on the way.

It took them 15 minutes to arrive at the club where they proceeded to have a few drinks in the parking lot and attempted to talk to some hot girls passing by.

After another 15 minutes they entered the club and Alex felt really calm and non-needy, he knew he was gonna bust another nut no matter what, either by getting his cock milked by the auto stroker or by going home with a hot girl like he usually did.

His plan was to take a random hot girl home and play with his new blowjob massager then fuck her.

After having his cock milked earlier that day he already felt satisfied.

He was always the best dressed and he didn’t have to approach girls, this time he was just laying back by the bar having a drink, feeling happy and content inside, satisfied after having his cock milked by his new bj machine.

His relaxed cool vibe made girls intrigued, they wondered why he wasn’t like every other guy being creepy trying to chase them.

He was different tonight, he was confident but not needy.

The first girl approached him and asked him why he wasn’t dancing, Alex just smiled, feeling an ace up his sleeve knowing his automatic male masturbator was at home and he didn’t need them, he then said, “Are you asking me to dance?”

She said, “Yeah, come on” He proceeded to dance with her but his real target was her friend. After a little while of grinding, he started to become horny again and his dick became erect.

His target girl saw him having fun and grinding with her friend and became jealous. She interrupted and disrupted their dancing so he could dance with her.

Alex did not mind and started grinding his target girl, “What’s your name?” she asked him.

“Alex, what’s yours?” Liz she said.

fuck my big black ass toy

“Nice to meet you Liz,” he said as he shoved his erect cock between her buttcheeks.

His dick was extra strong and thick from being milked earlier by his new automatic masturbator it was also a penis pump which made his cock plump.

She enjoyed the sensation of his 8 inch thick cock and immediately got horny.

After dancing with her for a few more minutes, letting her feel his cock, she was fully horny and shoved her tongue down his throat.

She bit his lips and lead him to the bathroom. She could not contain herself anymore, she wanted his raging thick erection in her pussy.

She started sucking his cock in the bathroom and after about 5 minutes she told him to put it inside of her as she bent over in the bathroom stall.

He then told her it was a better idea to go to his place to be more comfortable and she agreed.

They drove in her car and they got to his apartment in 10 minutes, they immediately ripped their clothes off and started kissing each other on his bed.

She asked what that machine on the floor was that looked like a penis pump, he explained to her that it was a milking machine for men that milked your penis.

She asked him to show her how it worked. He told her that his cock needed to be hard for it to work, she proceeded to suck his dick again and after his cock was fully erect, he turned on the male auto stroker and put his cock in the big cylinder which immediately started milking his cock.

He then passed her the small cylinder and told her to put it on her clit to feel the suction and she proceeded to do it.

After a while they wore both getting extremely horny from using his automatic stroker, the large cylinder was milking Alex’s cock and the small cylinder was sucking her clit.

They both couldn’t take it anymore and started fucking each other.

automatic male masterbator

His cock was extra thick and big due to having his cock milked by his new male masturbator and her clit was extra sensitive by the suction of the small cylinder.

Alex began fucking her doggystyle while rubbing her clit and this was blowing her mind, he soon started pulling her hair and spanking her ass.

Alex noticed he was lasting longer than usual, the penis stroker had helped him with his stamina. He now had longer stamina and a bigger dick!

sex doll head

After fucking her hard doggystyle for 30 minutes straight, the most he ever lasted, he finally blew his load all over her ass.

She was screaming and moaning as he was cumming all over her big round ass. She had never experienced such a beast of a man who fucked her so good.

They then laid down and she started feeling feelings for him, she knew he was special because she had never been fucked that good before.

She asked him, “Where did you learn to fuck like that?” And he just looked over to his new lovebotz automatic masturbator and smiled.

In the morning, they had sex one more time and he walked her to her car. She demanded that she text him and see her later on that week and Alex said he would.

But all Alex could think about was his new male sex toys. He was excited at all the awesome possibilities and fun he could have with it.

She too wanted to play with it some more, she had never used a sex toy with that kind of suction before. She told him not to use his blowjob machine until she saw him again and she promised it would be worth it. Ever since then, they have become boyfriend and girlfriend and have introduced new sex toys into their relationships but nothing will compare to their first night and his blow job toy that brought them together.

The end.


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