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The Best Sex Toys For Men To Get Over Your Ex-Girlfriend

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The Best Sex Toys For Men To Get Over Your Ex-Girlfriend

Mason was a UPS worker that was going through a break up and was suffering from depression.

He had recently broken up with his girlfriend of 3 years because she was cheating on him and she also dumped him, that is when he turned to sex toys for men.

He had first heard of them from one of his UPS buddies that used a blowjob machine to get over one of his exes. He knew things like that existed but he had never actually saw one.

Mason started asking his UPS friend all about the best male sex toys, where he bought his, what kind did they have and all types of other questions.

Mason was in desperate need to get over Chantelle and he wasn’t sure how he was going to do it, at this point, Mason would try anything including buying male sex toys.

He thought about the idea of buying a blow job machine to replace Chantelle who was his ex-girlfriend but he was so depressed, he didn’t believe anybody in the world could replace, let alone a men’s sex toy.

Chantelle was a sassy black girl with a bossy attitude and a humongous black ass that also had attitude. The kind of ass that a sex toy for men just could not replace.

But he didn’t know what to do with himself, he was so sad and depressed and alone.

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He missed Chantelle so much, he missed being told what to do by her, he missed being lead by her and dominated by her.

He couldn’t even get out of bed for days when they first broke up, all he did was think of Chantelle and masturbate to black porn of girls with big butts that resembled Chantelle’s.

One lonely night, after masturbating and lying in bed thinking about Chantelle, he wasn’t sure what he was doing but somehow he typed the word Big Black Ass into Google thinking of Chantelle and he saw a big black ass male sex toy that caught his attention.

He immediately stood awake and saw something he had never seen before, a big black ass sex toy that resembled Chantelle’s big thick booty.

He became excited, he wasn’t sure if this was for real or not. He quickly clicked over to the website and discovered that they had the best sex toys for men!

This is what his UPS buddy was talking about!

He was so excited that for a second he was not even depressed anymore. It was as if he had sobered up and awoken from his depressed dream. He saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

There it was, the big black ass he once had was now in the form of a mens sex toy.

It looked so similar to Chantelle it was uncanny but it cost $475 dollars and he could not spend that much on a male sex toy.

But he had to, he was so depressed and lonely without Chantelle that he knew he had to buy it.

He figured he would skip the usual starbucks for one whole month and that would make up for it.

Mason decided he was going to buy the big black booty sex toy for men that night and at least be with Chantelle in his fantasies.

He had never been so heartbroken and this actually made him feel better. He started to really believe his friend and thought that it couldn’t hurt to give male sex toys a try. If nothing else, he would have fun and bust a few nuts. What was in store, he would not expect though.

Nothing made him feel better, nothing mattered anymore except for getting Chantelle back but she refused to be with him or talk to him, so the next closest thing to Chantelle was this big black booty men’s sex toy.

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He quickly ordered it with fast shipping with the last money he had in his account, he knew Chantelle’s fake booty was the best sex toy for men. There was only a few left on and he wanted to get his before they were sold out.

2 days later a package arrived at his door, it was a dicreet plain brown box which seemed almost like a bomb.

Soon after he got over the fear of the unknown package and decided he was going to open it, he was happily surprised at seeing the big black sex toy for men sitting right there on his kitchen counter.

The best male sex toy was even bigger in real life than he expected, Chantelle did have a big phat booty but this was a little bit bigger and really realistic.

Mason was excited, he took it out of it’s box and immediately analyzed it, it was so surreal seeing a fake pussy in front of him.

He spanked it and it made a slapping noise, it also jiggled like Chantelle’s ass used to jiggle when he spanked it as he fucked her doggy style.

He found the male sex toy really amusing and for once in the past few weeks didn’t feel as depressed, something changed about him, he felt like a change was coming and he started to believe he could get over Chantelle.

The cool thing about the mens sex toy was that it also came with some lubrication and toy cleaner.

The funny thing was that it was delivered by another UPS man and upon it’s arrival he asked him what was inside to which Mason replied, “Some house cleaning products,” in a very suspicious manner. The other UPS man just looked at him as if he knew he was lying but said nothing else.

“Good thing the sex toy for men was discreetly packaged,” Mason thought to himself as he was carried the 25 pound fake pussy inside of his apartment.

So it now it was time to test this men’s sex toy out, he had anticipated it for the last few days, he had visualized and day dreamed how it was going to look like.

It was finally time.

The neat thing about this best male sex toy was that it also came with some free lube and a sex toy cleaner, Mason thought that was a neat bonus.

Mason was super excited to finally fuck his realistic black pussy sex toy for men and he carried it to his bedroom like a mother would carry their first born.

He put the lube in his pocket and he was ready to go.

His laptop was waiting for him on his bed and he laid the male sex toy next to it and laid himself on the bed.

He started surfing his favorite porn site for some black big booty girls that could get his dick hard and there was plenty.

He found some that looked like Chantelle and some that looked different than her. He choose one that involved a gang bang fucking a milf with a humongous ass, it was 3 on 1.

He imagined that it was him and his UPS co-workers fucking Chantelle.


He opened the lube and started stroking his cock, it didn’t take long to get his dick hard since he hadn’t had sex since Chantelle broke up with him.

His dick was ready now, he was getting ready to fuck the best sex toy for men in the doggystyle position while he watched the gang bang of the UPS workers fucking Chantelle, or at least he fantasized so.

He stuck his dick into the male sex toy and it quickly swallowed his hole cock. It felt like a suction pussy had sucked his cock into a super tight vagina.

It took him a moment to gather his composure and begin properly thrusting, but once he got started it all started coming back to him.

All he could think about was Chantelle, the realistic pussy men’s sex toy resembled Chantelle so much that he believed he was fucking Chantelle for a minute.

But he soon realized that this sex toy for men was even better than Chantelle, he started realizing that it was tighter, thicker, felt better and gripped his cock harder than Chantelle’s pussy did.

He remembered exactly how Chantelle’s pussy felt and he started comparing the two while fucking the best male sex toy, he actually started enjoying the mens sex toy even more than fucking Chantelle.

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Every time he fucked Chantelle he needed to pull out and she would sometimes mess up the sex because she would thought he was going to cum inside of her.

But he realized he didn’t have to worry about that with this realistic pussy men sex toy, he could actually have the hardest orgasm inside of it and not worry about getting it pregnant.

After thrusting and fucking it as hard and nasty as he wanted, Mason felt like cumming now, it was time for his dick to explode in orgasm and he started pumping even faster and faster until he busted the biggest load of cum inside of his brand new male sex toy.

He let out one of the biggest releases of his life because he actually got to orgasm inside of the pussy which he could never do with Chantelle.

The orgasm he had just experienced was so big that he immediately fell back and started catching his breath from such an intense fucking session.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had such an intense fucking session, even with Chantelle. He just laid his head on his pillow and smiled in bliss.

The next day he woke up and the sex toy for men was still lying next to him. He realized he fell asleep after fucking the big black ass.

He also noticed he had a missed call from Chantelle which was weird because they were not even talking anymore.

But that wasn’t the exciting thing for Mason, the most exciting thing was that he had a different skip to his step, a different rhythm to his vibe, he came to work with enthusiasm and a refreshed new attitude.

All of his co-workers just stared at him and saw a different Mason, a happy Mason, a cheerful and helpful Mason, ready for work.

That day, he had one of the most productive days at work and his manager noticed it and even told him that if he kept it up he was on his way to a promotion.

Mason thought about contacting Chantelle again but she had been nothing but a snake in his life that drained all of his energy so he decided not to.

Instead he was happy to go home to his realistic big black ass male sex toy, he even changed its name to Skin Diamond who was a famous black porn star that he loved to watch.

For the next few weeks, Mason would come home and fuck his big black ass to his complete satisfaction.

He had never felt so free and liberated. He fucked it on his bed, by his computer, in his living room, in the shower, in the bathroom and wherever else he could fuck it.

Chantelle would never allow him to fuck her anywhere but missionary on his bed.

She never wanted to experiment with anything. But now Mason was fully enjoying his freedom and regained his manhood. Finally, he felt at peace and happy with his life, he no longer felt depressed.

He didn’t need a nagging bitch that was just going to bring him negative draining energy, now it was just him and his big black booty male sex toy, happy and at peace.

But just as he was having that thought on his couch, relaxing while having a beer watching a comedy movie, feeling the most happy and peaceful ever, he hears a knock on the door and it is Chantelle wanting to get back with him.

Mason immediately slams the door on her face and sits back down with a smile on his face.

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