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The Best Male Sex Toys Competition

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The Best Male Sex Toys Competition

Tom and Carl have been best friends since elementary school and both recently turned 21. They have always been super competitive with each other over girls, money, sports and everything in between.

Recently they both applied for a job at a sex toys store after one of their friends told them they were hiring.

Coincidentally they both got hired and were given the position of selling everything that involved male sex toys like blowjob machines, cock rings, sex dolls and pocket pussies.

They were both receiving commission on every sex toy for men they sold so that gave them incentive to try even harder. The first day on the job was hard for them, seeing as they knew nothing about men’s sex toys. But they quickly caught on and started to understand all the different names, brands and the best male sex toys.

That’s when the competition began, they competed for customers, for sales and for the attention of whichever girls came in the store.

A lot of times, the competition got out of hand and customers noticed that they didn’t really care about them but their little competition.

The manager really didn’t care that they competed to sell the best male sex toys as long as they sold and made sells.

mens sex toys

The guys were really excited to compete against each other, they wanted to know everything about sex toys for men, they made it their mission to become experts and professional sellers.

They even went as far as taking a blowjob machine home to try them out.

Tom took him a pocket pussy mens sex toy and Carl took him a blow job machine.

Once Tom noticed Carl was taking items home, he could not let him have that advantage over him.

Tom went home with his pocket pussy best male sex toy that day to masturbate with and get feedback.

As soon as he arrived home, he threw on his favorite porn and started lubing up his cock. If he was going to test out these men’s sex toys, he was going to do it right.

He began stroking his cock until it was rock hard and then he put his dick inside of the male masutrbator and started fucking it. He had never fucked a men sex toy before and was surprised at how real it felt, it felt so really he could see why guys would buy these male sex toys.

The porn and the lube really made it an even better experience, it did not take him longer than 5 minutes to orgasm and bust a nut. He had forgotten to take notes and review the blowjob machine he brought him. He knew he needed to masturbate all over again and properly take notes to tell the customers.

After relaxing for a little while, he decided he was going to focus on writing the best review of the one he brought home and sell as many as he could.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Carl was busy with his mens sex toy, after getting home he sat in front of his computer and was trying to figure out how the damn thing worked.

Carl was not the smarted of the bunch and he regretted not getting a more simple one that didn’t have as many functions, modes and rhythms, after all how complicated was it to jerk off.

After a little while off playing with the best male sex toy, he finally figured out how to charge it and how to turn it on.

He played with some of the speeds and functions and he was ready to go.

best sex toys for men

He too turned on his favorite porn, lubed up his cock and began stroking it until it was fully hard.

He then turned on the automatic blowjob machine and put his cock into it, it was a sensation Carl had never felt before, this specific male sex toy rotated and also sucked your dick.

He started with slow rotations and slow sucking to get used to the feeling, the lube really made his dick feel the strokes it was giving him.

After a few minutes, he was really turned on and he turned the speeds of the automatic blow job machine up to it’s highest speed, he wanted to see how much it could suck and stroke around his cock.

Tom on the other hand was using his pocket pussy and was getting tired of stroking his cock with it. He still needed to do some work even though the pussy lips and inner texture gave him an incredible sensation, he was beginning to tire a little bit from so much masturbating.

He switched between hands while taking notes of the positive and negative aspects of the pocket pussy male sex toy. He loved the realistic feeling of the inner texture which made him cum hard the first time but he did not like having to do so much work with his hands still.

After stroking himself for 10 minutes he was finally able to achieve the orgasm he was looking for. It felt incredible but his arms felt tired from stroking himself with the pocket pussy sex toy for men.

Carl was doing quite the opposite, his hands were resting on his computer chair while the automatic sex toy did all the work. It felt even better than a real blowjob, he was in heaven, he didn’t have to do anything but watch the porn and watch the automatic blowjob machine stroke his cock until he busted into the biggest orgasm he had experienced in a long time.

He loved the fact that he didn’t have to do any work, he was a lazy person by nature and this was just the men’s sex toy.

When they returned to work they were both to get to work and sell male sex toys, they began selling their asses off while drinking a bunch of red bulls.

They didn’t even want to take lunch breaks but skipped it to sell sex toys for men instead.

They competed against each other in every imaginable way, taking each other’s customers, aggressively pursuing customers as soon as they got in the door, interrupting each other’s selling points, sabotaging each other by talking bad about the other to the customer.

Meanwhile their manager was watching the whole thing, although they were selling lots of male sex toys he was a little concerned for their madness and obsession. He almost thought about giving them different shifts but he wanted to see how this would play out.

On the first day back after taking home their own best male sex toys, Carl had sold 50 of the best sex toys for men that day while Tom was behind at only 40.

Carl had really enjoyed himself with the hands free blow job machine and was eager to tell his customers all about it’s wonderful features and benefits.

Meanwhile Tom hated the one he took home and was exhausted from doing so much work with his own two hands.

But Tom was not discouraged, later that day he decided to take home another male mastubartaor, a better one that he would be excited about telling the customer’s about.

blowjob machine

It was a male milking machine, this was their latest and newest men’s sex toy that milked your cock until you exploded in orgasm.

Carl did not see this because he was still selling so many of the blowjob machine he was selling that day, he had customers piling up to learn more about the automatic one he had personal experience with and he did a great job at giving a great live presentation of the male sex toy as customers crowded around him letting him show how it worked.

Tom left work a little early to go try out the penis milking machine sex toy for men, at first he was a little confused because it was larger than your usual one.

He had to read the instructions before jerking off and trying it out.

After putting it together and learning how it worked he turned it on and he was as proud as if he had just fixed a car and saw it turn on.

Now it was time for some porn action and some lube to get his cock ready to experience what was being labeled as the “best male sex toy”.

He turned on an asian porn which was his current fetish and stroked his cock until it was properly lubed and rock hard. He wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to lube his cock up since the inner sleeve of the penis milking machine male sex toy would be enough to grip his cock.

Now Tom was properly turned on and was about to find out what was all the buzz about this new mens sex toy, he first let the small cylinder grip the head of his penis and feel the sensation of having his head milked.

It felt like no other feeling, it felt incredible, it felt orgasmic and made him pre-cum, he knew that if he left it there he was going to cum fast, it really sucked his head and milked it like no other suction he had ever felt.

After a few minutes of that, he turned on the 14” inch cylinder and inserted his whole cock in the penis milking machine sex toy for men, he felt like someone had just physically pulled his cock and sucked it completely.

It felt as if a vacuum had swallowed his cock and started milking it, he had received many blowjobs but nothing like this best sex toy for men, it swallowed his cock whole and it felt like the best deep throat he never received.

He never wanted to turn it off, it felt so realistic and amazing.

After a while, he could not control his cock anymore, it had never felt such amazing and realistic suction swallowing his cock back and forth.

He busted the biggest orgasm of his life inside of the penis milking machine sex toy for men.

He could not remember ever been sucked like that, it felt like his whole soul was being sucked out of him but in a good way.

The next day it was time to sell male sex toys again and this time he had a secret weapon up his sleeve, the knowledge and experience with an awesome penis milking machine men’s sex toy.

blow job machineHe set one up and turned it on to begin demonstrating to customers what it did and all of it’s benefits.

After a few minutes, there was a big crowd around him watching him milk a dildo and all of it’s awesome functions. Carl could not even talk to any customers because all the attention was going to Tom and his penis milking machine sex toy for men.Carl only sold 10 that day while Tom sold 25, it did not seem like much but the penis milking machine  costs $500 and not all the people could afford one.

At a 20% commission Tom was bringing home even more money than Carl’s paycheck. Carl was enraged and felt like Tom was cheating.

The next day while Tom was doing his usual presentation surrounded by a bunch of customers and showing them how a blowjob machine worked, Carl decided he was going to pull a prank on him.

He took a squirting dildo and put it underneath his pants, he then yelled at the crowd of customers eager to buy Tom’s mens sex toy.

“Hey, everybody look at me, look at me jerk off!” from the second floor balcony, as he unzipped his pants and pretended to jerk off then squirted the fake semen from the squirting dildo onto the crowd who immediately left the sex shop in disgust threatening to sue them.

Carl immediately ran home and called later on confirming he had quit, by this point their boss had enough of their antics and they were both fired.

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