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The Best Male Masterbators

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“Make sure you get that pussy nice and lubricated,” I tell my new client as I watch him dig his wet fingers into the male masterbator.

I’m the type of girl guys come to when they have certain fetishes. This particular guy, let’s call him Mike, has a thing for male masterbators. Unfortunately, he’s not ready to share that secret with his girlfriend, hence the reason for his visit. It’s a shame because he’s quite the good looker and I wouldn’t mind having his big cock inside me.

But Mike isn’t just into the male masturbators. He’s a little more complex than that. Mike wants me to dominate him while he switches between the automatic and realistic pussy masturbators.

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My lair is soundproof and fully equipped to handle all types of situations. Tonight I’ve prepared it for Mike, a guy who will probably be coming back twice a week. My male masterbaters are lined up in perfect display and I get to choose which ones he’ll be using.

The thing about my job is always being prepared which is why I have quite a range of the best masturbators. I’ve got one for every taste, size and preference. But tonight I’m in control, at least, that’s what Mike requested over the phone.

“Are you sure that pussy is wet enough? Why don’t you test it with your tongue first?” I get into my dominant rhythm.

I order him this time with authority and he gladly proceeds.

Mike lifts the pussy masterbator to his mouth but he keeps his eyes focused on me. My kinky black and red leather outfit has his attention and he’s licking that male masturbator like he’s between my legs.

“That’s it you little shit. You’ll lick any pussy I put in front of you and you’ll fucking enjoy it. Understand me?”

I grab a chunk of hair at the back of his head and roughly pull back.

He gasps from the pain but doesn’t dare ignore me.

Mike’s dick is throbbing with excitement. And frankly, it’s getting me excited too. After you do this a couple of times, the spark tends to fade away. But tonight is different for some reason.

My slave does exactly what I tell him and sinks the tip of his cock into the realistic masterbater, moaning as it swallows him.


“You like that, don’t you?” I say as I walk around and settle in front of Mike.

My leather outfit barely covers my wet pussy and I start swaying it in front of him, teasing his erection.

In turn, Mike starts riding that male masterbator. I mean he’s really digging into it and he’s groaning with delight. I’ve never seen a man so happy to jerk himself off, although I think the male masterbator does make things better.

Rhythmically he thrusts into the male masturbator, glaring at my snatch as he does it.

“Stop!” I yell out when he least expects it.

Reluctantly he stops but not quickly enough to my taste. So, I grab the pussy masturbator from him and straddle him myself. I allow my complete weight, which isn’t much, to settle on his wet and hard cock, crunching it against his stomach.

He jolts as my leather strapped cunt connects with his groin but he’s not allowed to touch me.

“I told you to stop, you arrogant fucking slave.”

With force I shoot my hips forward, sending another painful connection to his groin.

“I’m sorry, mistress. Please punish me any way you see fit.” He begs me.

“You’re damn right I’m going to punish you.”

I get up and walk towards my beautiful display of male masterbators. Each one of them is ready to get Mike off in a way he can’t even imagine. All I have to do is choose which one it will be. And I’m still wondering where I want him to cum. 

my sexy fantasies

I grab one of the automatic masturbators then I turn back to Mike.

His prick is pointing to the sky like he’s a virgin himself, getting pussy for the first time and I still can’t help getting more excited myself. The more I think about putting his cock into the automatic masterbator, the more I want to fuck him.

But that can’t happen, because I have two basic rules. I don’t get naked and I don’t allow touching from the client. The only touching will be coming from me, as long as I can keep myself together.

I walk closer, getting hornier with every step. Just picturing what I’m about to do has my pussy leaking like a fountain, and I have no idea why, I have used the best male masturbators before.

Before I know it, I’m taking my off my outfit.

“Mistress…?” Mike asks with some confusion.

He didn’t pay for anything other than me humiliating him while watching him fuck a male masterbator, which is probably why he’s so confused.

“Shut your fucking mouth, slave! Did I ask you to talk?”

I grab his pulsating rod in my hand and start squeezing.

All Mike can do is grab onto the edges of his seat, and hope it will absorb the pain. And this time he remains silent.

“That’s a good little slave.” I slowly release my grip, letting Mike relax again. “Now, where were we?”

I straddle him again, only this time my wet snatch grinds against the base of his cock. I leave just enough space between us to get the male masterbator over his cock, then I switch it on.

Mike jolts underneath my weight, groaning profanities of pleasure.

“Oh, fuck! Jesus! Fuck!”

my sexy fantasies

As Mike enjoys the sensations coming from the automatic masturbator, I begin heaving on top of him. Every time I thrust forward, I push on the male masturbator. And every time I pull back, I take the male masterbator with me, increasing his pleasure. It’s like his riding my pussy, but the fetish is completely part of it.

“Bite my nipples.” I demand through the heaving.

Without thinking about it, Mike leans forward and begins sucking on my stiff peaks. He sucks so hard it’s like he’s hoping I’ll lactate and the way I’m feeling right now, it might be possible. However, my pussy has no problem leaking all over his muscular thighs. My white cream drenches his balls, and I’m dying to replace that pussy masturbator with my own pussy.

I keep edging him toward a climax but stop seconds before he can erupt. This is making him frustrated and I love every second of it.

“I think it’s time my pussy got some attention.”

I get up and turn around, point my ass cheeks directly towards Mike’s face. Then I bend forward, revealing my blossoming lips, along with the tiny entrance of my cunt.

“Start licking slave!” I shout.

A tingling sensation flows over my body as Mike’s tongue begins slithering inside my slit, tasting the juices he made me produce. At the same time I’m angling the automatic masturbator, mimicking the action of a real pussy riding him hard.

I can feel Mike’s hunger for more, because he’s sucking on my clit now, making it swell and a lot more sensitive. This also means I’m losing control.

So, I pick up the pace.


Mike is trying to get me to climax, but I can’t let him. It’s not part of my job description, but I’m sure as hell not letting him stop. All I can do is work the male masturbater with more conviction and set it to a more intense speed.

Within seconds I can sense Mike losing control over his senses, because he’s barely licking. Only to rip the masturbator from his cock and get up.

“You are not supposed to stand up, slave!” I turn around to look him in the eye.

But he’s not listening to me.

“Sit down!” I shout the order, and he still doesn’t react.

The look in his eyes tells me the roles are changing. I’ve pushed him too far, and now he wants to be the dominant one.

“Turn around, bitch.” I demands sternly.

Without questioning him, I turn around.

“Bend over.” He continues, and I follow.

my sexy fantasy

Then I feel his finger digging for my tight and warm entrance. Although his finger is quickly replaced by the head of his massive cock and I can’t even explain the pressure with which he penetrates my wet cunt.

It feels like I’m going to fall forward but Mike grabs onto my hips and pulls me back into his erection. I gasp on the return trip because I wasn’t ready for so much cock in such a tiny space.

“This is how I lubricate my cock. Do you have a problem with that?”

Now he’s the one grabbing a chunk of my hair and pulling me up, keeping his rod firmly lodged inside my snatch.

The pain is fucking amazing. All I can think about is creaming his cock some more, but then he pulls it out. I can hear him reaching for something which he then places between my thighs.

“Hold it right there.”


It’s the automatic masturbator, and I have to position it like a pussy between my legs. Then I feel him getting in position behind me, bending just a little lower than before. As he grips my hips, he pushes his cock forcefully into the tight male masterbator.

It’s like beast has been unleashed.

He fucks the male masterbater so hard it keeps bumping against my clit, stimulating the swollen bud and making me produce more pussy juice. Like a man possessed, he loads his cock and shoots forward, pushing me forward and pulling me back. He’s literally fucking that masturbator like he’s a fucking animal, and I’ve never been more turned on in my life.

my sexy fantasies

“I want you to cum inside me, master, please. Cum inside me.”

To my delight, I can feel Mike adjusting his cock again and sliding it into my snatch. It’s throbbing and enraged, ready to unload ropes of white sperm. All it takes are two more thrusts, and the climax starts. Load after load of hot white seed fill my pussy, then gradually leaks to the outside.

He throws his arms around me as he jolts with pleasure, only thrusting forward to release another wave of sperm and sending it to the core of my pink enclosure.

“Ahh!” He yells with delight.

my sexy fantasies

And just as Mike unloads, I feel my legs going numb, followed by a sense of nirvana filling my brain. I shudder underneath his tight grip as I squirt from my orgasm, covering his lower body with more of my juices.

Please note: To buy your very own Male Masterbators, please visit our Men's Toys category here, we carry the best Male Masturbators for sale with product videos and 5 star customer reviews! 


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