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My Male Strokers Collection

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My Male Strokers Collection

Andy and his girlfriend had just gotten into a big fight over his male sex toys stash, she was furious he had went out and bought himself dozens of male sex toys without telling her about them.

“What are all these blowjob machines for Andy?” she protested as she uncovered more of them.

“Am I not good enough?” she continued asking him, “Are these dick milking machines better than me?”

Andy had absolutely no response and was quiet embarrassed.

“I can’t wait to tell your parents about your cock sucking machine, I am sure they’re gonna be quiet happy seeing what you are spending your money on,” his girlfriend as he just dozed off in thought.

But in the back of his mind, he had to admit, his penis milking machines were much better than her bland boring sex, she was not the best at sex or giving Andy the blowjobs he so wanted.

Andy was addicted to masturbation, he even went out and bough himself a sex doll along with a few other sex toys.

He first discovered about blowjob machines through a YouTube video that had gone viral and he somehow stumbled upon it by a company called My Sexy Fantasies, this intrigued him because he was recently thinking how much he hated using his hands to always masturbate.

“There has to be a machine that strokes and sucks your cock,” he pondered one day. He started his research, his girlfriend was not cutting it, she was as close minded as a nun when it came to sex and sexual preferences.

Andy was extremely different, he saw masturbation as a natural process, he could not wait to get home after his boring job, turn on his favorite porn and blow a big fat load. But he hated the mess jacking off created and wanted a simple device that could suck and swallow his cum without all the mess after.

That’s where his search for dick sucking toy began, he searched all over YouTube for videos on different male strokers, he read reviews and blogs. This was a serious matter for Andy, he loved masturbating and it had to be done right.

electric male masturbator

After doing some quick research, Andy stumbled upon the website My Sexy Fantasies and knew he had found gold, they had the sickest collection of blow job toys with videos and reviews!

He was immediately excited at the idea this place even exited, their male sex toys collection was awesome!

At the time, Andy could only afford one blowjob toy for men but that was enough to get him started, he had only envisioned such a place or machine could exist but there it was right before his very eyes.

There were so many different types, he didn’t know where to start. They were some penis sucking machines that rotated, some that sucked your cock and some that rotated and sucked your cock!

Andy quickly discovered the differences between the different automatic male masturbators and ordered himself a nice rotating blowjob machine to begin with.

It arrived a few days later in very discreet plain brown packaging with only his name on the label and no mention where it was from which was good because if his girlfriend found out he was buying cock sucking machines she would go insane.

Andy was ecstatic the day his new sex toy arrived, he had been waiting to try it out, meanwhile he was doing more research on more male strokers he could buy in the future when he could afford them.

Andy chose to buy the lovebotz automatic masturbator which looked very promising and powerful on the videos. He did not waste anytime taking out of it’s packaging and testing that baby out.

He first got familiar with the different speeds and rotation modes before inserting his cock in the dick sucking machine, he wanted to have a little experience before busting his load.

He turned on some blowjob videos and that got his cock rock hard ready for his new cock sucking machine, he started off with a slow rotation and inserted his cock.

His favorite porn at the moment was blonde girls sucking big black cocks, the automatic blowjob machine was actually kind of quiet which was good since he didn’t want the neighbors to hear.

The blonde girl looked like his girlfriend and that made him feel less like he was cheating with a sex toy, she started sucking slow and he followed her rhythm which felt amazing.

To his surprise the lovebotz automatic masturbator felt really nice around his shaft and penis glands, it was a new sensation he had never felt but never the less it was feeling amazing. He made sure to add some lube to give his cock a softer feel.

pdx male sex machine

He felt just like the guy in the porn getting his cock sucked, she sucked while the blowjob sex toy stroked Andy’s cock.

She starting going a little bit faster and he figured he would also push the male masturbator on a faster speed. He was in heaven, in paradise, where have these male strokers been all his life was all he could think about.

She kept sucking and sucking while the blowjob machine did it’s job perfectly, after about 10 minutes Andy busted the biggest orgasm of his life. He could not remember ever coming so good.

He knew he had stumbled upon one of the greatest pleasure he will ever experience. But he also knew that this forbidden pleasure had to be kept a secret from his girlfriend.

As the weeks passed, Andy fell more and more in love with his new penis milking machine. Sometimes he would cancel plans with his girlfriend just to be with his new male stroker, he knew it was kind of strange and he wondered if he was being extra perverted but he did not care! She could never suck his dick as good as his male milking machine!

The good thing was that he found the perfect place to hide his penis sucking machine or so he thought, which was inside of a shoe box that she would never look into.

“Are you going to respond?” his girlfriend protested snapping him out of his day dream.

“What do you want me to say? That my male strokers are a sin? Why can you use vibrators and dildos but I can’t have any male sex toys?” Andy retorted.

“I only decide to buy myself a cock milking machine because you would not go down on me anymore!” he kept going.

“If you would suck my dick like a normal girlfriend does, then I would have no need to be buying these penis strokers!”

By this time his girlfriend was furious and decided to grab one of his dick sucking machines and break it, “Oh yeah, what if I break one of your little precious male strokers, what are you gonna do then?”

“Put that down, that is a very expensive device, put that down, it is one of my favorites”

“Oops,” she said as she dropped one, letting it hit the floor.

“What are you doing??” Andy responded as he went to pick it up and make sure it still worked.

“This cost me a lot of money, you are lucky it still works!”

Andy and his girlfriend argued for another 30 minutes before making up. She knew he was the love of his life and if she wanted him to stop using the auto strokers, she would need to make some adjustments, specifically by sucking his cock every once in a while.

They had a long conversation after and agreed that using his auto strokers were not the worst thing he could have done since he at least did not decide to cheat on her.

In a way, she was happy he had bought himself a few blow job toys since it was better than him cheating. She finally calmed down and came around to the idea of Andy owning a couple of them.

In fact over time, she fantasized with the idea of playing with a male stroker and also sucking his cock.

She saw the automatic strokers as her friendly competition and she liked the challenge of sucking better dick than them.

One day, when Andy was arriving home, she was waiting for him in his room nearly naked and surprised him.

“Hi Andy, how are you doing?” she asked.

“Mmm good I guess, what is going on?” he answered.

“Oh nothing, I was just in the mood for a little fun you know?” she asked.

“I do?” he answered.

“Sure, I have been playing a little bit with your blowjob machines and they quite intrigue me,” she said.

“They do?” he responded.

“Yes, in fact I want to play with them while we do it,” she explained to him.

“Mmm I don’t know about this,” Andy said nervously.

“Oh don’t worry, it will be fine, just trust me,” she said as she pushed him onto his bed and lay him down on his back.

Andy was taken by surprise by the whole thing, he did not know what she was up to and why were all his blow job simulators out of their boxes. This scene had just gotten really kinky for him but he decided to just relax and enjoy it.

Andy’s girlfriend proceeded to unbuckle his pants and stroke his cock, she as Andy’s cock grew harder she proceeded to give it a few sucks and tease him. She then grabbed an automatic masturbator and put his cock into it.

“How do you like that?” She asked.

“Mmmm, it’s nice and feels good..” he responded.

What Andy’s girlfriend didn’t tell him was that she recently had a lot of practice sucking dick with different fruits and vegetables. She also read some blogs and did her own research.

“Oh yeah, what do you think about this,” she said right before going down.

“Oh my god, where did you learn this..” she had sucked his dick before but never like this.

“Oh my god, please don’t stop it feels too good,” he kept going.

Andy had busted the biggest load inside of his girlfriends mouth that day and had never experienced a blowjob so good.

After the blowjob she asked if the blowjob toy was still better than her?

“Yes, only a little bit,” he responded, Andy was smart and wanted to make sure she kept learning how to suck dick even better! Even though she had just done a phenomenal job, he could not let her know that if he wanted to keep getting these amazing blowjobs.

penis milking machine

Over time, she continued learning more and more how to suck dick and give amazing head. Since then, Andy has not had to resort to using his male masturbators when he feels horny. Even though they sometimes like to bring his blow job simulators out to have some fun and spice up their sex life.

She even got some new sex toys of her own and now their sex life is better than ever. Penis sucking machines were the best thing that could have happened to them, they became closer, found out more about each other and improved their sex life so much.

Every once in a while Andy will still go online to see the greatest and latest blowjob simulators out there being made, even though he has most of the best ones already, he has become a fan and a collector of dick sucking machines.

He even goes on forums and explains his story of how they helped his sex life, gives tips, give advice on the best penis milking machines, what his experiences are and so forth.

He has since then given a close friend a male auto stroker to keep them entertained since some of them don’t have girlfriends.

He recently heard one of his close friends complaint about his girlfriend not wanting to suck his dick and that brought a big grin to his face, he got close to his ear and whispered,” Have you heard of blowjob machines…?”

The End.


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