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Sex Toys For Men and Bi-Sexual Men

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Sex Toys For Men and Bi-Sexual Men

Cory was a bisexual man aged 25 who had recently broken up with his boyfriend in a fit of drunken rage. Cory and Tanner were together for 1 year.

The argument was over some male sex toys that he had just purchased. Cory was very spontaneous and went an idea got into his head, it was hard to change his mind.

That’s exactly how Cory had become excited by the idea of buying sex toys for men for the first time.

Cory felt like he needed somebody that would not judge his sexual nature and freakish sexual side. All his life he was judged over being a bi-sexual person with a high sex drive and once again Tanner was judging him for his blowjob machines.

But Cory also had a drinking problem and that’s when he went on to buy the mens sex toys that were for sale. He discovered that website one day while drinking and browsing for the best male sex toys.

Cory lived in Alabama where there was almost nothing to do but he had a huge sex drive that needed release so he turned to blow job machines for release and pleasure.

Cory was naturally an introvert so it was easy for him to escape from social gatherings and to be alone with his men sex toys.

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Cory was also super addicted to porn and masturbated several times a day.

He first found out about them through another bi-sexual friend at a bar. That very night Cory went home and started doing his research on them.

He had thought for months about a solution besides jacking off to releasing his high sexual drive, he thought about making a homemade male sex toy to release his urges.

He just hated having to clean up all his sperm after jacking off and he hated the mess it all made.

He needed a better and quicker solution to this problem that’s when he discovered blowjob machines through his friend at the bar.

He soon realized that it was even easier to clean up the mess from masturbating through men’s sex toys and that they were easier to clean up.

Cory was thrilled about this.

While on looking up different men sex toys to possibly buy he started a chat conversation with one of the customer service guys there.

He quickly found out that blowjob machines were the most convenient form of masturbating but there was one little problem, his cock was 9 inches and most of them were designed with the average man in mind.

At first he was bummed and disappointed but upon further conversation with the customer service rep, he realized they were larger male sex toys for the bigger man.

These were called realistic pussy and asses, he was informed that he could actually fit his whole cock into on of the fake pussy..

His excitement quickly grew and so did his erection. But he wanted an automatic blow job machine that would do all the work for him while he masturbated. He persisted and finally found a power pump men’s sex toy that would please his whole 9 inch cock.

He quickly ordered a blowjob machine and a realistic pussy and ass. He was also happy that the sex toys for men came with free shipping and free lube.

His sex life was getting boring and Tanner was not the same anymore, they stopped experimenting, Tanner stopped going down on him and the sex wasn’t the same.

He even thought about getting one for Tanner to try but he knew that Tanner just wouldn’t be into it. Tanner would judge people for any little thing in order to make himself feel like a more important person. But nevertheless, Cory was content with buying the best sex toys for men for himself.

my sexy fantasies

He was also very pleased that they would come in discreet packaging because he did not want the UPS man knowing about the male sex toys and how embarrassing it would be for him.

He needed everything to be discreet and private just the way his own life was.

It was going to be his own little secret that no one had to know about.

The sex toys for men actually arrived sooner than he expected and was pleasantly surprised.

Unfortunately, he was not home when the UPS man came to deliver them but he did leave them on his porch and they were waiting for him when he got home.

The day they arrived him and Tanner had just got back from their usual gym sessions and were not sure what to make of the package.

Cory told Tanner to bring the packages in and open them while he went to the bathroom. When Tanner opened the packages and saw the male sex toys he was in complete shock and anger.

Tanner felt completely betrayed when he saw the realistic pussy and ass best male sex toy that Cory had just purchased.

He wasn’t so concerned with the blowjob machine because he enjoyed Cory’s thick cock deep off in his ass.

As soon as Cory got out of the bathroom Tanner started arguing with him about the realistic pussy and ass men’s sex toy that Cory had just bought himself.

He felt like Cory was cheating on him and started yelling to him about it. Tanner even broke out into tears and wondered if Cory would ever cheat on him with another woman.

“Do you want to be with another women Cory?” Tanner asked, “Is that what you want?”

Cory did not know how to respond, he was completely confused about his whole sexuality.

At times, he just wanted to be with a woman and other times he wanted to be with a man. At times he wanted to penetrate a woman and other times he wanted to penetrate a man.

He even thought about buying a gay sex toys for men with realistic balls and tight ass but he had already spent enough on these dick sucking machines.

“I don’t know Tanner, I don’t know what I want,” Cory answered.


Tanner could not deal with the situation anymore, he began breaking down in tears because this had happened to him before, a man had left him for another woman and he was afraid Cory was going to do the same.

He was so hurt and afraid it was happening again that he wiped his tears and ran out of Cory’s house.

Cory felt so bad and started running after Tanner but he could not catch up to Tanner’s car which he had already started and left in.

Cory tried his best to call Tanner and text him his apologies but he would not answer or respond. Cory felt into a quick depression and started drinking to relieve some of his pain.

Soon Cory got horny again like he always did and Tanner was nowhere to be found.

He actually became mad at Tanner and felt abandoned by him. He was angry and was going to fuck the realistic pussy male sex toy to spite Tanner. He already thought that Tanner had broken up with him and would have to find another person to be with.

Cory had been dreaming and wondering about a female companion recently and wanted some actual pussy that is the real reason why he bought this sex toy for men.

Cory just couldn’t tell Tanner that he wanted to be with a woman. The only problem is that Cory had never been with a woman sexually. He had many girlfriend but he had never gone all the way.

The realistic sex toy for men pussy was there to give him some practice and to see what it was like, Tanner was never supposed to see it.

So after Tanner stormed out, Cory figured they were broken up and he had made up his mind that his next partner would be a girl.

But he also was afraid to be with a girl because he did not want to embarrass himself and not know what to do.

He had been having all of these thoughts prior to buying the blowjob machines and he also planned on breaking up with Tanner after he felt he had some experience with the opposite sex even if it meant fucking a fake pussy.

So after getting himself drunk enough and brave enough, he took out the fake pussy male sex toy out of the box and decided it was time to fuck an actual women or at least the closes thing to one.

my sexy fantasy

He put on a porn of a black woman with a big ass and started lubing up his 9 inch cock, he then began stroking it up and down to get it ready to fuck the big ass mens sex toy he was about to fuck.

After 5 minutes of lubing up and stroking his cock, he was now ready to fuck that fake piece of meat, he was still too drunk to properly fuck but he was going to give it a shot anyways.

His dick was not the most hard but he didn’t care as long as he could put it inside of the sex toy for men, that’s all that mattered.

So he stuck his dick inside of the male sex toy and began fucking it. He wasn’t sure what the hell he was doing, he was used to fucking guys and other men, this was totally knew to him.

But he soon started liking it, his dick started liking it and he could picture himself fucking other women. He never felt more straight in his life, he never felt more manly and masculine than when he was fucking this men’s sex toy.

He started spanking it, he started slapping it and getting even more aggressive with it.

All of these years of confused pent up sexual aggression started to come out, all of the years he wanted to be with a woman but he could not because he was so sexually confused were behind him.

He was now more than ever sure of his sexuality, he was sure he loved women, he was fucking the best male sex toy like if it was a real woman, it felt so realistic, it felt so tight around his cock.

His cock was loving it, he was loving it, it was even better than fucking Tanner he thought, how came he had never fucked a woman he thought.

He was never more sure of his straight heterosexual masculinity until now while fucking this realistic pussy male sex toy and he was about to blow the biggest load inside of it.

He was getting ready to climax and finally complete his manhood, become the man his dad always wanted him to be, the man his brothers were, the man his mother wanted him to be and his whole family wanted him to be as well.

It was all happening now while he was fucking this sex toy for men pussy, he was about to become a man upon this climax.

There had never been a more important orgasm as this one and as soon as he was about to climax, Tanner walks in his room and surprises him.

Tanner watches him fucking this realistic pussy best male sex toy and he is not able to climax, all of his confusion comes back to him.

Tanner is standing at his door crying with tears dripping down his face, causing him even more confusion. He is not able to climax and orgasm inside of this pussy mens sex toy.

He starts doubting himself again, he has lost all feeling and momentum, he isn’t able to finish.

His dick starts going limp and he can’t even hold an erection anymore.

Soon after he stops completely and breaks down crying himself, he starts crying with Tanner and they proceed to comfort each other while drinking alcohol.

They spend the rest of the night drinking and crying.

Eventually Cory fucks Tanner and they throw away the male sex toys but until this day, he always wonders what could have been if Tanner never came back that day.



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