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Sex Toys For Men and a Naughty Professor

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Sex Toys For Men and a Naughty Professor

Shawn or Mr. Carter as his students would call him, was a 30 year college professor old who just couldn’t seem to get his dating life together, he tried all the dating sites out there and that is when he stumbled upon male sex toys.

He was very intrigued by this because he saw that many sex toys for men resembled realistic feminine features like a pussy and ass.

He also noticed that other best male sex toys were blowjob machine simulators that felt like actual blowjobs.

Were women becoming obsolete? He thought to himself when he discovered the best sex toys for men.

Was this the answer to his problems? He was excited at the possibilities men’s sex toys could bring to his life.

He was also a virgin at the age of 30 and he was beginning to think it was never going to happen and he also hated fapping as the young people from his campus called.

He hated using his hands to masturbate but he was so freakishly horny all the time, especially being around so many young 20 something year old females.

He must have masturbated every single day of his life and he was really excited to begin trying out his first mens sex toys.

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He intitlaly discovered men sex toys while on a dating site and saw an advertisement for one.

It said, “Tired of using your hands? Try one of our awesome blowjob machines!”

He was not one to click on those ads but something about it spoke to him.

He immediately clicked over and his life changed forever.

The website was and they had dozens and maybe even hundreds of sex toys for men.

After browsing for a little bit, he clicked off and thought nothing more of it.

But over the days he continued thinking about the male sex toys he had discovered on that site.

He thought more and more about how he hated masturbating so much and having such a big masturbation addiction.

He knew he was not going to stop masturbating anytime soon because of all of the beautiful girls in his class room.

A few days later he was on a porn site, after checking his inbox on a dating site and seeing no replies, he felt a little discouraged and thought he might as well masturbate and jack off a little bit to make him feel better.

After browsing a few pages looking for something great to jack off to, preferably a video of a girl resembling one of his hot students, he noticed another ad for blowjob machines.

Now that he was aware of the best sex toys for men, he not only started thinking more about them, he was also seeing more ads of them.

This one read, “Sit back and let our blowjob machine suck you off,” and he knew that was just what he needed. A blowjob at least.

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He immediately clicked over the blowjob machines website, it almost felt as if they were following him, either way he didn’t care.

He started browsing all of there sex toys even more, he was now considereing buying some of their men’s sex toys, he noticed they were many different kinds.

He saw that they were discreetly shipped and packaged which was what made him more confident in buying from this company.

He saw sex dolls, a wide selection of male masturbators, pocket pussies, blowjob machines and a whole bunch of different male sex toys.

The cool thing about this site is that they offered video previews for their customers to see along with many of the best male sex toys reviews.

This made him trust this website even more. He spent the whole afternoon just analysing and reading about different blow job machines, he planned on making a very large purchase.

He knew that if he was going to go into this, he needed to fully commit himself to this lifestyle.

But would fucking some mens sex toys take his virginity? He pondered.

“What if they help improve my stamina? Then I have to buy some, I can’t perform like a complete virgin when I finally have sex with a real person, I need practice!” he continued talking himself into buying lots of men sex toys.

He eventually decided on first buying 3 of the best sex toys for men, a pocket pussy for quick and easy use, a realistic pussy and ass for realistic sex and a sex doll to gain some experience with the opposite sex.

He ordered his sex toys for men with expedited shipping and they all arrived within 2-3 days in very discreet packaging.

When he came home from school, the plain brown boxes sat on his porch and he discreetly looked around to see if anybody was looking before he put them in his house.

He unboxed all of his new male sex toys and he could not be more excited to try them out later that day.

He quickly went on some dating sites to check if he had any messages and unfortunately he had none. Zero women were interested in him and that made him a little depressed.

But he quickly cheered up at the thought of having 3 brand new men’s sex toys at his disposal to fuck and please him.

It was time to test the best male sex toys out he thought to himself, he was first going to start with the pocket pussy mens sex toy, he wanted to start small and work his way up to the sex doll.

He knew just the thing that was going to help him, he turned on some porn and made sure it was of a school girl.

dick sucking machine

He also noticed the sex toys for men came with free lube and toy cleaners, he was happy about that.

He began undressing himself and watching the porn, soon after he added a little lube to his cock and began masturbating his cock to that little school girl getting fucked on his computer screen.

He always had a fantasy of fucking one of his students and that alway made his cock super erect.

After lubing up his cock and stroking it for a little while, he inserted his super rock hard cock in the pocket pussy male sex toy and began jacking himself off.

The realistic pocket pussy felt so incredibly real, he was seriously surprised, he could not believe how realistic it felt, although he had never fucked an actual women or felt what it was like to be inside of an actual vagina, the skin like sensation of the men sex toy was driving him crazy.

The pocket pussy felt so perfect gripping around his hard cock, he started to pre-cum and even thought he was going to orgasm already but he knew he couldn’t because he still needed to fuck his other men’s sex toys.

He slowed down his breathing and relaxed in order not to cum, he even took a little water break before continuing to fuck the other sex toys for men.

He was really enjoying himself now, he immediately switched over to one of the other men sex toys realistic pussy and ass that was just begging to be fucked.

The realistic pussy and ass male sex toy actually reminded him of a student he had by the name of Brandy whom he frequently made stay after class just to see her tight ass in her volleyball shorts.

As a matter of fact he even put on a porn that involved a volleyball girl fantasy, this made his experience with the best sex toys for men even more enjoyable.

He first penetrated the realistic pussy and ass mens sex toy very slowly in the doggystyle position, he had never had sex before so he was not sure exactly what to do or how to have sex. Luckily for him, the best male sex toy came in the doggystyle position for easy penetration.

He stuck his dick into the pussy and ass mens sex toy and almost came immediately, it swallowed his whole dick which was still erect.

blowjob machine

He also could not believe he was going to lose his virginity to his men sex toys. For a second he thought about stopping, he thought about what he was doing and wasn’t sure if it was right or wrong but it was too late, he was so god damn horny.

He began fucking the realistic pussy and ass sex toy for men that resembled Brandy and even started calling it Brandy, “Oh Brandy, yes, yes..” he continued as he thrusted his cock into the realistic pussy and ass.

He was going to cum before he got to his other mens sex toys, he could not let that happen, once again he slowed down and took deep breaths.

He slowly kept on fucking the pussy and ass male sex toy trying his best to keep his composure.

But he could feel himself on the brink of orgasm, the pussy and ass men’s sex toy was also too realistic for him, it was so tight and the skin sensation felt so real.

All he could do was close his eyes and think of Brandy as he penetrated the best male sex toy and this alone made him nearly climax.

Luckily for him, he received a text which made him stop and not orgasm, it was actually another teacher asking about some school related stuff.

He did not immediately text back but decided he was going to take another break to calm down and let his horniness come down.

After drinking some more water, it was time to fuck the last of the male sex toys, the beautiful realistic sex doll which he had now called Teresa, named after another student with the same name.

This student was a tall latina and looked exactly like the sex doll he had bought on

She was a 6”5 basketball player and something about her height made him very attracted to her since he was only 5’4, he always wanted to conquer taller women.

He briefly checked his online dating profile and once again saw no messages which made him feel quite sad once again.

But nevertheless, it was time to get to the main event of the sex toys for men, Teresa the 6’5 sex doll, he first laid her down on the bed and slowly opened her legs.

She had already came naked so he did not have to undress her, he did add some lube to her vagina thought to make it more realistic.

This was it, he was going to finally lose his virginity and although it was just a male sex toy, he did not mind.

But again, it was pretty awkward for him, he had never been in the missionary position before and wasn’t sure exactly how to fuck.

It took him about 1 minute to finally stick his dick inside of her properly, it kep slipping out and not going in the right hole.

cock sucking machine

But once he was able to get a rhythm, he started thrusting and it felt super naturally, but at one point the sex dolls hair got in his mouth and it became uncomfortable.

He fixed the issue and continued to thrust inside of the sex doll Teresa, once again he continued with the dirty talk, “Oh Teresa, you feel so good baby, I just love how you feel.”

And he wasn’t lying the sex doll felt amazing and incredible, even better than the other sex toys for men.

But he knew he could not last, he knew he was going to orgasm very fast because he was already on the brink of orgasm once again and before he knew, his virgin penis was shooting out cum and his body was having orgasm spasms.

He orgasmed so hard and then after just collapsed his body on top of the sex doll. Mission accomplished. He was no longer a virgin. He was finally a man. A strange man but he was made a man nonetheless. He laid there on top of the sex doll for 5 minutes before he got up. It was the best day of his life.


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