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Male Sex Toys and My Ex-Girlfriend

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Male Sex Toys and My Ex-Girlfriend

Eric was going through a depression after his girlfriend dumped him and had no choice but to turn to his male sex toys for comfort when nothing else could help him.

He had quite the collection of men’s sex toys which he accumulated over the years. He didn’t feel any shame or guilt over having so many, he figured if women could have their sex toys, then why can’t guys have the best male sex toys as well.

He wa actually proud of all of his sex toys for men, he did lots of research and over the years, they became part of who he was.

They ranged from a pocket pussy, all the way to a sex doll and everything in between. He had about 5 of them and he didn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

But he had recently broken up with his new girlfriend over them. He just loved masturbating but she thought it was cheating.

The sad part was that he genuinely cared about Catherine and was saddened when she could not accept his male sex toys even though he had promised himself he would stop using his them for Catherine.

They had met at a park one day while he was walking his dog and she was also walking her dog. They both had a St. Bernard dogs and they immediately fancied each other.

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That very same day, Eric went home and masturbated using a blowjob machine with the thought of Catherine in mind. She was an athletic blonde american girl who stood at 5’6 tall. He used his favorite pocket pussy and a realistic vagina which he had just purchased.

Over the days, they exchanged texts and decided to go on a coffee date. The day of the date, Eric took one of his sex toys for men into the shower with him, it was a waterproof blowjob machine which felt even better than a real blowjob.

He thought that by using a blow job machine to have an orgam that he could be more relaxed during the date and it worked!

Eric felt so relaxed, he was charming, calm, attentive and she felt very much attracted to those qualities. She had never met such a guy that wasn’t so needy and desperate but who kept his cool and seemed patient.

Eric had a big smile in his face knowing what helped him relax and keep him composed.

But inside he could not wait to get back to his apartment and fuck one of his mens sex toys, Catherine had worn a short top and short shorts which made him incredibly horny.

After the coffee, they went for a walk in the park where they had their first kiss, it was Catherine who initiated it and it really surprised Eric.

He had never been on a date that went so well and he knew it was because of the help from his best male sex toys.

After walking around for a few more hours and opening up about their lives and dreams, Eric walked Catherine back to her car and they agreed to see each other the following night.

Eric drove him that day the most excited he had been in months, maybe even years, he was also so horny, he immediately went to his room and took out all of his men sex toys, his dick was hard as a rock as soon as he entered his apartment.

He quickly went on pornhub and found a porn that featured a girl who looked as similar to Catherine as possible, he put all of his male sex toys by his computer and began lubing up his cock.

Eric had a nice routine which he followed when he masturbated with his blowjob machines, he would start by lubing up his cock and doing a couple of hand strokes to get his cock hard and ready.

Soon after he would start fucking his pocket pussy, it was one of his newest best sex toys for men and it was getting a lot of action.

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After fucking his pocket pussy for a little while and getting extremely horny, he turned to another one of his new men’s sex toys, his blowjob machine, this device really rubbed and stroked his cock just the way he liked it.

It sucked him up and down and all around just like a real blow job, after 10 minutes of that, when he was on the verge of an explosive orgasm, Eric always finished by fucking his 15 pound realistic vagina, it was by far one of his most expensive male sex toys but also the most fulfilling.

This realistic puss and ass was so realistic, you could slap it, spank it, and fuck it as hard as you wanted, which Eric always did.

He fucked it harder than he had ever fucked any of his sex toys for men and all he could think about was Catherine.

Eric also noticed that his stamina was increasing and he was lasting longer and longer thanks to his men’s sex toys.

After fucking his best male sex toys for a few more sessions with the thought of Catherine in mind, he easily cleaned up his blow job machine for another session the following day which he planned after he would see Catherine.

They had agreed to go to the movie theatres and watch a new scary movie that had just came out.

Dinner and a movie was absolutely phenomenal. Once again, she wore a tight black dress which made Eric go crazy and horny.

After the movie they decided on having a glass of wine at Eric’s apartment to end the night.

When they got to Eric’s apartment, he did not expect them to be coming back to his place so he quickly ran into his room and started putting all his best sex toys for men away, he knew something could happen and he did not want her to see his sex toys for men, at least not yet.

So he put some of his male sex toys in his closet, some under his bed and a few in some drawers.

As things went on, things started escalating between the two of them on his couch, they were getting hot and heavy, kissing, touching of the boobs and more.

Eric being the strong manly man that he was, lead Catherine to his room where he could no longer contain himself, he needed to fuck Catherine like a cavemen.

They proceeded to have hot, passionate, wild sex like they each had never had, Eric lasted 30 minutes and it was a record for him. She was in complete bliss and he just laid back and smiled thinking about his mens sex toys which had helped his stamina.

He actually purchased some of his sex toys for men with the intention to improve his stamina because in the past, he would only last about 2 minutes and it was quite embarrassing for him.

But with the practice of his realistic male sex toys, Eric was a champ and was lasting 30 minutes or more each time he fucked Catherine. She was quickly falling in love with his cock and craving it more.

One day, after they had some of the best sex of their lives, he excused himself to go the bathroom and Catherine laid on his bed in complete bliss by this man who had just given her multiple orgasms.

When Eric went to the bathroom, she happened to notice something underneath his bed, it looked like a fake bubble butt, she could not stop looking at it and she eventually got up and went to see what it was.

To her surprise it was one of Eric’s men’s sex toys. At the very moment she was examining Eric’s blowjob machine, he happened to be coming out of the bathroom and they both looked at each other quite shocked.

Eric had no explanation for his male sex toys and said they were props for a movie he was working on but they both knew that was an obvious lie and Catherine only became more upset.

She quickly put on her clothes and left Eric’s apartment. Eric tried to stop her but he couldn’t and was half naked.

He eventually went back into his apartment and thought about what had happened.

blowjob machine

He thought about contacting some of his buddies for advice but how was he going to explain his sex toys for men, nobody knew about them, not even his closest friends.

He tried texting Catherine and calling her but she would not answer or text back. He started to become worried he had ruined his chances with her.

He needed to do something to feel better, he turned to his male sex toys which always made him feel better, even though this time they had caused him to feel bad, he figured that maybe masturbating was the way to feel better.

He began masturbating how he usually did, taking all of his blow job machines out and getting them ready for use, he put on a black big booty porno which was his current fetish.

He lubed up his cock how he usually did and began stroking it but he had no feeling, he was saddened by what just happened, eventually he got erect and horny.

He was masturbating with his sex toys for men but he was still sad, he started fucking his pocket pussy and it was working for him, the sadness started going away and he began to really get into it.

He always found comfort in his men sex toys when things in his life were not going the way he wanted and this time it was no different.

His mens sex toys were there for him when no one else was, he could always rely on his men’s sex toys to cheer him up.

mens sex toys

He then began stroking his cock with his blowjob machine and that made him feel incredible, he had totally forgotten about Catherine by now and was in the zone.

He knew his blowjob machine  can always put him in the zone and what a zone it was. All his problems, his concerns, his worries disappeared when he was in the zone with his men’s sex toys.

The whole world seemed to disappear and he was left in complete bliss.

After playing with his blowjob machine for 10 minutes on the brink of orgasm, he was still horny enough to fuck another one of his male sex toys, the big booty black pussy and ass which always made him cum like crazy.

He turned the volume up on the porn as the black big booty girl in the porn movie got fucked hard and he too fucked his best male sex toy.

And just as he was having the most explosive orgasm of his life fucking his mens sex toys and cumming all over the realistic pussy and ass, Catherine walked into his room and walked in on him just as he was cumming.

He was on the floor fucking the big booty realistic men sex toy with his head tilted all the way back in the doggystyle position and she could not believe what she saw.

She was in complete shock by the black porn, all of his sex toys for men everywhere and the realistic booty his dick was inside of still.

Eric was also in complete shock when he saw her.

“I came back to forgive you and I leave for one hour and this is what I see!” Catherine said as tears began going down her eyes.

To Catherine, this was a form of cheating and she immediately ran out of the room.

Eric tried to stop her from leaving but his dick was still in the male sex toy and he fell over as he reached for her.

She never responded to his phone calls or texts ever again but Eric is still buying the best sex toys for men, he had recently bought one that looks like Catherine’s ass because he still thinks of what could have been.

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