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Male Masturbators and 2 Step- Sisters

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Male Masturbators and 2 step sisters

John had just gotten his 5th male masturbator of the year, he had found his new favorite passion! They were the coolest thing he could think of, they came in so many shapes and sizes. For example, he owned three realistic pussy and ass male masturbation toys and a blowjob machine.

He considered buying a sex doll but they were too big for him and he did not want such a big burden. John lived in Mobile, Alabama and although there were plenty of girls around he could talk to, his current favorite obsession was shopping for the best male masturbators.

He was becoming a collector of male masterbators and boy was he masturbating! He would masturbate several times a day, sometimes he would just fuck the pussy masturbators and other times he would just lay back and let the blowjob machine do all the work. Either way he was happy!

He hated the idea of always jacking off to porn and he always wanted an alternative to using his hand and since his last girlfriend had cheated on him, he was in no mood for another one any time soon. He was content with his male masturbators and working on his job as a mechanic. He had just gotten a raise so he was in good spirits!

John was 23 and lived with his Mom, step-dad and two step-sisters who were 21 and 19.


Even though his two step sisters, Haley and Jane were younger than him, he would always think of them when using his masturbation toys. He could not help himself, they would tease him over and over, especially since it was now summer and they would all go out to the backyard and get in the pool at night.

His favorite part was when they all got in the jacuzzi together and rubbed against each other. The sexual tension was palpable and they could always feel his hard dick as they swam around each other. For some reason John could never come around making a move so he always resorted to using his male masterbators for release.

On more than one occasion, they almost caught him masturbating with a realistic pussy male masturbator in his room but luckily he had just finished up.

On this particular day, John had already fucked his male masturbation toys 3 times just thinking about his step-sisters, he could not control himself anymore. He knew they would be in his backyard tonight swimming in the pool in little swimsuits waiting for him to join them.

The sun was setting and he was still working on a car when a package came for him, it was another blowjob machine. He was doing everything he could from having to fuck his step-sisters and these masterbators were only putting a band aid on the bigger problem. His step sisters were hot, blonde and horny.

He knew that they would call him to play that night out by the pool so he needed to blow a couple of loads into his male masturbators first before he could join them, otherwise he would have a raging hard on like he usually did.

So he finished up working on his latest job as a mechanic, took a shower and went over to his room to relax. He threw on his usual porn and took out his best masturbator at the time, a big fat realistic booty masturbation toy. It reminded him of his sister with a big fat ass.

The porn also featured a blonde girl with a big phat ass so it was all helping him. The porn started and he began lubing up his cock before getting ready to fuck his realistic big ass best male masterbator.


He soon put his male masturbation toys on his bed, threw on some music to help him get in the rhythm and began fucking his big ass male masterbater. It felt better than the real thing, he could slap it, smack it, fuck it in the ass or in the pussy.

But all he could think about were his two hot step-sisters who were waiting for him to come out and play. They enticed him with wine and alcohol because they two were dying for a fuck. Mobile, Alabama did not have too big of a population and they also did not meet many guys, especially not in the summer when their pussies got the horniest and they saw their step-brother with his shirt off, muscular, working on cars.

John quickly finished fucking the first big ass masterbator, it was easy for him to cum just thinking about his step-sisters and he relaxed on his bed after.

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John just laid there with his eyes closed and a smile on his face, feeling completely satisfied after fucking his new favorite male masturbator.

Soon it was time to go out and have a swim with his two step-sisters since there was not much else to do and his parents were out of town on business. It was him and his two step-sisters all to themselves in the house.

Little did John know that his mom and step-dad were actually swingers and they went on a swingers vacation to meet another couple across a different state but that’s for a different story.

So John put on some beach shorts and went out back, grabbed himself a cold beer from the fridge and dipped his toes in the pool. His two step-sisters were already playing and having drinks.

John actually brought out his laptop and sat on a lounge chair checking out more blowjob machines while drinking his beer. He chatted casually with the girls and saw different pictures and videos of different male masterbators in action, casually sipping his beer.

His two step-sisters were getting anxious for him to come in the jacuzzi with them and have a little party with drinks. That’s when Haley and Jane whispered in each other’s ear planning to take away John’s laptop.

John had no idea at the time, he was too busy checking out other best masturbators he could buy with his next paycheck. He knew that if there was ever a time to cross the line and fuck one of his two step-sisters, tonight was going to be that time.

So he was trying to play it cool when all of a sudden his two step-sisters sneaked from behind him and took his laptop away.

They ran with it and began going through his tabs seeing all the pages he was looking at, he had a bunch of porn tabs open and a bunch of male masturbator product pages also open.

They were shocked, intrigued, laughing and extremely curious why John was looking at all this porn and male blow job machines.

my sexy fantasies

Eventually John caught up to them and managed to take his laptop back from them, he was in no mood for this kind of behavior and was furious at the invasion of privacy so he didn’t even bother answering any questions or comments that they had.

He went to put his laptop away and grab another cold beer, meanwhile planning how he was going to get them back.

When he came back his step-sisters were all over him with a million questions about his porn preferences, his male sex toys and masturbation toys. Asking him if he owned any etc..

John and his two step-sisters admitted they all owned sex toys, the drinks were getting to them and they were starting to loosen up in the jacuzzi. They even decided to all bring out one of their sex toys just for fun.

Luckily, John had a waterproof blowjob machine which he could bring out and show the girls, by this time he was no longer shy about admitting his collection of male masturbators.

He brought all 5 of his best male masturbation toys to show the girls and they brought out a ton of their own sex toys too. Things were really getting hot and steamy.

The girls were so excited to see how each of John’s best male masturbators worked, they asked him to show them and turn some on. They asked him how often does he fuck his male masturbators, which were his favorites and a bunch of other questions.

They were dying to see how he stroked his cock with his blowjob machine and how well he fucked his realistic pussy masturbators. They asked him to please show them how he stroked his cock with his male masturbators and they promised not to tell their parents.

They were so desperate they even black mailed him and told him that if he didn’t stroke his cock in front of them with his male masturbation toys, they would tell their parents.

John did not want his parents to find out he owned any male masturbators for fear of what they might think or say. He had to oblige to their wishes to keep their mouths quiet and he said that he would show them only if they would never tell anyone he had any of these male masterbators.

They agreed that what happened that night would never be told or shared with anyone, they made a promise to each other.

John soon started taking off his swim shorts and show his cock to them in order to show them how the best masturbators worked and how well he could fuck the pussy and ass best male masterbators.

To take the pressure off of himself, he asked them to also use some of their sex toys, vibrators and dildos on themselves, since it only seemed fair.

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They proceeded to oblige and agreed that it was fair, each sister picked up their favorite sex toy and began rubbing her clit with it. One of the sisters stuck a big dildo up her pussy while massager her clit with a vibrator.

Meanwhile John, began stroking his cock 9 inch cock in front of them. They had never seen John’s cock fully erect and only caught small glances in the shower by accident. They were both fully impressed by the length and the girth.

John continued stroking his cock as he saw the delight and lust in their eyes. He picked up one of his blowjob machines and put his cock into it. He could feel all the sensations and vibrations running up and down his cock, they could see the pleasure it was bringing him and they were jealous of the best male masturbation toy. They wanted to be the ones who stroked and sucked his cock. They stopped using their own sex toys altogether and just admired John’s cock being stroked by his blowjob machine. They so badly wanted John’s cock in their mouth but they knew he was having so much pleasure with his best male masturbator.

Next, John proceeded to lube up his cock even more before fucking one of his realistic pussy and ass masturbators. They were 3 different realistic pussy and ass male masturbators laying on the ground next to a blow job machine, 3 dildos, 2 vibrators and a blow up doll.

After lubing up his cock, John proceeded to fuck the realistic pussy masterbater hard and fast showing them the practice he had gotten over time. They envied the best male masturbator and wanted that dick in their assholes.

John kept railing his pussy best masturbator and was turned on even more by the fact that they were watching him so closely. The male masturbator felt so real, even better than the real thing and it felt like he was having an orgy. He had never been so turned on in his life and his two step-sisters were dripping wet from horniness.

It was time for John to fuck his two-step sisters, his cock was bulging hard, throbbbing purple, his two step-sisters were dying for a pounding and his cum. He stopped fucking the masturbator and asked his two step-sisters which one of them wanted to get fucked first.

That’s when all of a sudden, John heard his parents say, “Kids were home…” and turned around to see his mom and step-dad standing there with their mouths opened in shock.


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