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Automatic Masturbators and the Old Man

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Automatic Masturbators and the Old Man

Harry and Sally were a unique couple, they initially met at a strip club and it was no surprise that they were shopping for male sex toys for Harry.

Harry was turning 60 in a couple of day and Sally was only 25 years old.

Harry was the owner of the strip club “Naughty Girls” and Sally was a stripper there.

It was sad to say but they’re relationship was dying down and Harry was actually having a little trouble keeping his dick hard. That’s when Sally thought it would be a good idea to go online and to shop for an autostroker.

One of her friend’s had told her how it helped her relationship and her husband’s erectile dysfunction.

Harry hated the fact that he was struggling with erectile dysfunction, they had tried different dick pills before and automatic strokers were his last resort.

Sally was the one actually doing the shopping for Harry and she was researching different websites for sex toys for men.

Harry had been with thousands of women throughout his life and he was now turning 60, the viagra seemed to work well for Harry but they also figured why not experiment with an automatic pocket pussy to spice things up.

So one afternoon Sally found a website with a wide selection of pocket pussy strokers and began doing her research.

She saw all the videos, she read all the reviews and all the descriptions.

milking machine for men

She seriously did not know which male strokers were gonna help Harry get his mojo back but she was going to try her best to find the right dick sucking toy for Harry.

After all, Sally was really in love with Harry and hated seeing him so miserable.

One thing she did know was that blowjobs still got his dick hard but he needed to pop a viagra or two in order to stay hard.

So that’s where she started, she went on a mission to find an electric male masturbator that resembled actual blowjobs and she found a few different ones.

She found blowjob masturbators that were basically doll heads that would suck your dick but you still needed to do a lot of work and that wasn’t gonna work for Harry, he hated having to bob someones head back and forth, he preferred just to lay back and get his dick sucked hands free.

She continued looking throughout the male sex toys category and found something called a pocket pussy, this was interesting, some of the pocket pussies were actually pussies and some had lips and mouths that resembled a woman’s mouth.

But this too wouldn’t work because Harry would need to jack off and masturbate his own cock still, unless she could stroke it for him but that wasn’t gonna feel like a blowjob, it was going to feel like a handjob.

She kept looking for more male strokers and was just about to give up when she discovered a male sex machine that can give you automatic blowjobs.

“A machine that can give you blowjobs?” she never heard of that, Sally became very fascinated.

Meanwhile she had already added a few dildos and vibrators to her cart, it was no big deal because Harry was paying for it and he had lots of dough.

She continued to go through all the different blowjob sex toys that she could find and saw their differences and benefits.

She noticed that some blowjob machines only rotated while some only sucked, Harry loved being sucked so she would have to make sure she bought one that sucked, she was also interested in the idea of a rotating sensation.

She figured, maybe the rotating sensation from the penis sucking machine would give Harry a feeling he had never felt before and get his mojo back.

But a blowjob machine was not going to be enough for Harry, he was going to need more male strokers, Harry loved to indulge big time when he experimented with stuff.

Sally continued on her quest to find more male masturbators for Harry and she actually found something really strange that caught her attention, a penis milking machine.

She immediately stopped and thought she read the title wrong, a penis milking machine? She thought milking machines were for animals.

She thought, “Well Harry is an animal sometimes,” and laughed to herself.

She opened the product page of the male blowjob toy and started looking at the videos and the description, Sally was actually really impressed by the videos, maybe that’s exactly what Harry needed, a cock milking machine to milk his big throbbing cock.

“Harry would be proud,” she thought to herself as she added the last of the blowjob toys she would buy for Harry and proceeded to checkout and order 2 day shipping for faster delivery.

The day the automatic male masturbators were supposed to arrive she mentioned nothing to Harry, she wanted to surprise him and blow him away.

She had also bought a little bit of lingerie and wanted to make it a special night for the two of them.

She did her hair and nails the previous day and was ready to give Harry the night of his life.

Harry was supposed to arrive at 9:00 pm that night and that gave her enough time to get ready and make Harry his favorite dinner.

She first made sure she unboxed a male auto stroker and charge it up to get it ready for action, it would suck if they were not ready.

blow job simulator

She also got her vibrator and other sex toys ready.

Harry came home at exactly 9:00 pm like he always did after leaving the stip club for the day and could immediately smell the nice dinner in the air.

“Mmmm what is that amazing smell,” Harry asked as he kissed Sally.

“It’s your favorite, Steak and mashed potatoes with macarroni,” Sally answered him.

Sally was super excited to get dinner over with and get to the main attraction of the night which were Harry’s new automatic male masturbators and her own vibrators.

Sally quickly ate through her dinner and she told Harry that she had a surprise for him after dinner and that also made Harry eat a little faster than usual.

After dinner and a glass of wine, Sally invited Harry to join her in their big master bedroom.

“Do you remember when we talked about buying a few male sex toys and other things to spice up things more,” Sally asked Harry.

“Mmm yeah I do and…” Harry asked.

“Well I recently bought an automatic male masterbator and a few other things for us to try and play with,” she answered.

Sally then proceeded to show Harry all the blowjob sex toys she had bought for him and also the other stuff she had bought herself like the vibrators, dildos and restraints.

Harry quickly drew a big smile on his face and was pretty happy about it even though he was not expecting this.

Harry did not mind but he was intrigued and wanted to know how the penis milking machine worked.

Sally hd to show Harry exactly how they worked, she first explained the blowjob machine to Harry and he was definitely beginning to become happier by the idea of a blowjob machine working his cock.

Then Sally explained the penis milking machine which caught Harry off guard and thought it was some sort of joke.

“I am not an animal Sally,” Harry said jokingly.

“I know Harry but this is a penis milking machine,” she responded.

Harry laughed and said, “Well let’s get this show on the road,” as he began unzipping his pants and getting ready for some awesome sex in his mind.

Sally then went to the bathroom to put on her lingerie.

“Okay Harry, I’ll be right back,” she said.

When Sally came back she was dressed in her lingerie and really surprised Harry, they both kind of knew that Harry was not gonna have any trouble getting hard that night.

But it was Harry’s night and she wanted to make it special for him since he had been working so hard at the strip club.

She proceeded to get the lube that came with one of the blowjob simulators and stroke Harry’s cock, which he immediately started liking.

“Do you like that Harry? Do you like having your cock stroked with some lube, you bad boy,” she continued to talk dirty.

Harry was now getting a little hard but not quite there yet, Sally knew she needed to bring out the big guns, the blowjob simulator that she had bought.

She first got the blowjob machine and placed Harry’s dick inside of it, “How do you like that Harry? How do you like that sensation?” she asked Harry.

vibrating stroker

“It’s good, mmmm, that feels good,” he answered.

Harry had never felt the sensation from a blowjob sex toy that was sucking and rotating around his cock, this was totally new and foreign to him.

He just sat back and enjoyed himself, then Sally saw how much he was enjoying himself by seeing his dick get even more erect but not fully erect.

Harry was 9 inches big when fully erect but at this point he was only 8 inches hard, so she decided to suck his cock a little bit.

She started sucking his cock good and deep the way Harry liked but it did not seem to get his cock fully hard and Harry actually asked for the dick sucking machine stimulation again.

He didn’t want to tell her but the penis sucking machine actually felt better than her blowjob.

She continued between using the blowjob machines and sucking his dick herself and at one point Harry could not even tell the difference.

“Oh yeah, keep sucking my dick just like that, don’t stop,” Harry said as she was stroking his cock with the automatic masturbator.

She didn’t want to tell him it was the penis sucking machine that was sucking his dick and ruin the moment so she just kept stimulating him with it.

But still, the blowjob machine was not enough to get his dick super rock hard like she needed it in order to get fucked the way Harry used to fuck her when they first met.

She really needed Harry to get rock hard and erect.

It was time to take drastic measures and bust out the other blow job simulator, it was time for the penis milking machine to milk Harry’s cock.

“Hold on one minute baby, I got just the thing to make your dick get even more hard okay,” Sally said as she reached over to grab the milking machine.

“Keep stroking your cock for me baby,” she said as she turned on the male milking machine.

Harry knew he was going to need a little bit more to get dick as hard as he knew he could get it.

“Okay baby, are you ready?” Sally asked before putting the man milking machine on his dick and let it begin milking it.

“Yes baby, I am ready…” Harry said as he let her put his dick into the milking machine.

She put his dick into the milking machine and Harry jumped up, he had his eyes closed and they busted wide open to attention.

penis sucking machine

The suction was so powerful and the milking was so automatic, he had never felt such a powerful suction.

It immediately brought his dick to life and made it super hard, his cock had become a rock and he had the biggest smile.

He could not remember the last time his cock was so hard and he looked at the cock milking machine like if it was a miracle machine.

The milking was intense and incredible, the pumping and sucking was better than any blowjob he ever got.

He asked her to turn on the blow job toy to the most power it had and she did, soon it was sucking his cock so hard he thought it was going to rip his cock right off.

But his dick was as hard as a rock and she noticed it.

She immediately began kissing Harry and rubbing her clit with her vibrator as well. Now they were both playing with sex toys, after Harry got his cock super hard and Sally made her pussy as wet as a lake, she turned off the blow job sex toy and climbed on top of Harry.

She started riding Harry harder than ever and Harry was also harder than ever.

After 15 minutes of riding Harry hard and nearly breaking his cock from slamming her pussy on it so much, he was ready to explode, he felt like a 20 year old filled with so much sperm.

Then Harry exploded with orgasm, he had not had an orgasm that hard in years, he could not believe so much energy was leaving his body, he wasn’t sure he was even able to control it.

Sally just kept riding him and was having an explosive orgasm of her own, “Cum inside me Harry, cum inside of me,” she repeated.

She could feel Harry busting the biggest nut inside of her and give her everything he had left.

That’s when she noticed Harry stopped moving. Harry died that night at the age of 60.

The end.


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