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Male Sex Toys Cam Show

Adam was a 27 year old with a passion for video games,masturbating using sex toys for men and smoking grass out of his bong. Not in that order.

Adam had recently got fired from his job at Staples for stealing printing paper and ink.

All of his friends laughed at him for it and even he laughed at how ridiculous it sounded but he really needed to finish working on his screen play.

He lived in Los Angeles and his big dream was to write and direct movies.

Even though, he had just gotten fired, his luck was about to change when he discovered the website chaturbate one day.

He was in the mood masturbate to a live webcam show and he eventually found chaturbate, a website that lets people host live masturbation and porn videos for audiences to watch and pay money.

He saw girls using different kinds of sex toys and get paid for it by other men.

He also noticed that there were many guys using male sex toys and also getting paid for it.

The day he got fired was very depressing for him, he didn’t know what to do, he needed to make many otherwise he would be evicted and his girlfriend would also dump him, he actually thought about becoming a male prostitute but he was scared he would get arrested.

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He thought about selling grass but he knew he would smoke all of it.

So he went home that day and began smoking the last of his grass, while hitting his bong and playing video games, he thought of different ways he could make money.

That’s when it hit him, he remembered those guys on chaturbate that masturbated using sex toys for men and got paid for it.

He was excited by the idea of him getting to stay home, smoke grass and play video games all day, then going on chaturbate for a few hours and stroking himself using male sex toys.

He immediately put down the video game along with his bong and went on his laptop to do some research. Not before hitting his bong one more time.

After doing some research on how to start becoming a webcam model, he was convinced he could do it, after all he thought he was a good looking guy with a 9 inch pecker.

He immediately registered himself that day and started his hunt for the right male sex toys that he could use to stroke his cock with.

This was gonna be a really fun or dumb idea he thought to himself feeling super stoned and taking another hit of his bong.

While on chaturbate, he got really horny and ended up jacking off to another webcam model. Masturbating came natural to him since he did it everyday anyways. But what really excited him was the idea of using the sex toys for men.

So he began his quest to become the best male webcam model and give the ladies the best show on chaturbate.

The first thing he was going to need were some mens sex toys, after doing search on google, he found www.mysexyfantasies.com where they sold hundreds of the best male sex toys at super affordable prices.

He had hit the jackpot and he was feeling even more excited!

He started seeing which were the men sex toys for the job and found that there were all types of different ones.

He noticed that there were some realistic pussies that resembled a real woman’s vagina and there were also sex dolls which resembled a real women.

mens sex toys

The sex dolls cost upwards of $1,000 and he only had a few hundred dollars left.

He kept on looking and doing more research for the best sex toys for men, he wanted people to really see his cock in action at it’s hardest and peak performance.

Eventually he came across some automatic male sex toys known as blowjob machines, these were actual machines that were rechargeable and motor driven.

They rotated around your cock and sucked up and down.

This was it! He had found what he was looking for, he saw other guys with Fleshlights and he knew these sex toys for men would be even better because they would do all the work for him.

The ladies were going to go crazy over seeing this and pay him top dollar!

He continued reading reviews on www.mysexyfantasies.com and checking out all the videos of the men’s sex toys to see which ones would show his cock in the right light.

He eventually decided on a see through blow job machine that would be able to show his entire cock as it busted a nut for the ladies!

He also noticed another mens sex toy that had two motors, a suction motor that tightened around your cock and a sucking motor that stroked your cock up and down!

He immediately added both of the male sex toys to his cart, proceeded to check out and make his purchase.

He could not wait to get started so he paid the additional $69 dollars for expedited shipping, the website said the sex toys for men would arrive discreetly which alleviated the concern anyone would find out about this since his neighbors were extremely nosy.

While he was waiting to arrive, he thought about telling his girlfriend how he planned to go on chaturbate and stroke his cock using the best male sex toys for money but he knew she would not like the idea of other girls seeing his cock.

So he also did not tell her that he got fired from his job at Staples, he continued working on his screenplay like everything was fine, in between smoking pot and playing video games.

He also thought about telling his girlfriend about the best sex toy for men he had just ordered from www.mysexyfantasies.com but maybe she would become suspicious and wonder what were his intentions with it.

Finally, the day had arrived, the tracking number from www.mysexyfantasies.com said that his men’s sex toy was supposed to arrive today and he was sitting patiently for it.

By patiently we mean, smoking lots of weed and playing video games, another words the same thing he would be doing anyways.

After a while, he was becoming incredible anxious and thought that his sex toys for men were never going to arrive, he even went back on the site and researched them to make sure they were a legit company.

While he was doing some investigating, he heard a knock on the door and he thought it was his girlfriend but it was actually the UPS man with a delivery.

mens sex toys hip

Adam proceeded to sign the package and was excited by what he hoped to see, upon unboxing the discreet package, he noticed that only one of the male sex toys was inside.

He was curious to know what had happened to the second men sex toy that he ordered so he contacted the company and inquired about it.

After calling the company and talking to a good man about his order, he was informed that his second sex toy for men would be coming through FedEx.

That alleviated his concern and he was happy again.

He was happy and excited over this new project he knew was going to work, he was so confident in himself and in his body.

He wanted to show it to the world!

Adam also had lots of tattoo’s and he knew that would appeal to girls who like bad boys and he wanted to be the bad boy with the best male sex toys that stroked his cock the best.

He wanted to be the best at masturbating and grow his fan base.

Adam quickly opened his first male sex toy and was ready to test it out.

It was the moto bator automatic men’s sex toy that had two motors to squeeze and suck your cock.

The cool thing about this men sex toy was that it came with lube already included.

Adam proceeded to throw on a Bonnie Rotten porn movie, which was his favorite porn actress because she also had tattoos and did not mind taking it in the ass and loved how she squirted in different videos.

Adam was not ready yet to turn on his chaturbate camera and go live with his best sex toys for men because he wanted to make sure he knew how to use them first.

So he began his practice on the PDX Elite moto bator sex toy for men, he first began adding some lube to his cock and stroking it for good measure.

After his cock was stroked to the full 9 inches, he inserted it into the moto bator and started playing with the different functions and controls.

He turned on the suction motor and could feel it grip his hard cock, he just sat back and enjoyed that feeling for a while.

He turned on the suction and after it got really tight, he let go of the suction, he did this for about 5 minutes to get a good feeling of how the suction on his new male sex toy worked.

It was a new feature that no other mens sex toy had except this one and he was glad he bought it for that reason.

A few minutes later, he turned on the second motor on his new sex toy for men, the sucking and thrusting motor which goes up and down your cock giving the sensation of a blowjob.

He turned it on with the medium power so that he could get a good feel of the blowjob feeling going up and down his cock.

This was a new type of blowjob for him, it was even better than his girlfriend who sometimes used teeth, it was even more pleasurable, he could not believe how good it felt.

male sex toys power

Once again, he turned on the suction motor on his new male sex toy so that it could grip around his cock while the thrusting motor could suck his cock and it blew his mind!

He was being sucked, gripped, stroked, it was all happening at once while watching Bonnie Rotten take the biggest dick in her mouth.

He was overwhelmed with pleasure, he was on the verge of cumming, he needed to relax if he wanted to impress his fans on chaturbate so he let go of the suction motor on the men’s sex toy and it immediately released his cock from the most pleasurable grip he had ever felt.

“This was absolutely magnificent!” he thought to himself. But he did not want to blow a load until his second best male sex toy arrived so he proceeded to calm down and chill out for a little while until it arrived.

He took some bong hits, played some videos games, texted with his girlfriend who was still at her own job working at Denny’s and she always brought food home which made him happy.

Things were working out for Adam is what he was thinking as he ripped into another bong hit and set his brand new men sex toy aside.

He looked at his new sex toy for men with pride and enjoy, it was going to be his money maker, it was going to change his life in so many ways, he was so excited.

After a few more hours of smoking pot, playing video games and eating munchies, he heard another knock on the door, this time it was the FedEx man with another package for him.

He quickly signed the package and knew immediately what it was! His second mens sex toy had arrived and he could not be more excited to see what this one could.

He put everything down again and began unboxing the second best sex toy for men that he ordered, this was the Pipedream Extreme Deluxe mega bator male sex toy.

Once again, the men sex toy came with a free bottle of lube and a toy cleaner, he was really happy with this brand and knew he would continued buying from them in the future.

It was really awesome because it was also waterproof and he wanted to show himself in the shower or on his bath when he masturbated.

The other cool thing about this men’s sex toy was that it did not need batteries it could be easily charged with a USB cable cord that attached to a computer.

Now it was time to test this sex toy for men again but this time he was going to go in the shower and stroke his cock.

mens sex toys spinner

He needed a shower anyways before his girlfriend came over later that night with some food and more grass.

She was also a grass head who got stoned regularly with him, she was also a suicide girls model but she had never modeled naked.

Adam absolutely loved fucking her every night and he even thought about inviting her to be on chaturbate but not yet, he first wanted to be on it for a while and make some money then bring her on as a featured guest to use with his male sex toys.

In the shower he started thinking of all the ways he could bring Stacy onto his chaturbate masturbation show along with his best male sex toys.

He saw them taking questions from guest and from customers, he saw them taking requests to perform sexual acts together.

He saw her sucking his cock on the show and using his new sex toys for men to make him cum for his audience.

He quickly became horny and excited by all of the possibilities Stacy could bring to the show, he saw couples that were making a lot of money and he knew they were much a better looking couple.

His dick got hard just thinking of all the things he wanted to do with Stacy and his mens sex toys on chaturbate, he put his cock into the stroker and turned it on while he showered.

He did not need lube or anything to feel amazing, he loved his new best sex toy for men because it rotated and sucked his cock up and down.

The other male sex toy had a suction motor and sucking motor but this one was quite different, it rotated around his cock while sucking it, he knew he had made the perfect choice for his second mens sex toy.

It rotated left and right all around his cock while going up and down his cock, this was a sensation he could never get from Stacy while she would suck his dick.

In his mind all he could think about was Stacy sucking his dick in front of hundreds of people watching it, he thought he could become famous.

He let his mind wander while masturbating with his new sex toy for men and even thought about becoming a famous porn star if everything went well with chaturbate and his performances caught the attention of porn industry insiders.

The idea didn’t seem too crazy to him because he was already recording him and Stacy fucking and he even uploaded a few videos to pornhub which had over a million views.

He saw a future in porn for him and Stacy, she also had a bunch of tattoo’s and he wanted them to be the most famous porn couple with all the tattoos.

His mind wandered more on the idea of doing porn but he needed to hurry up and finish showering.

He turned off the male sex toy which worked even better than he expected and got ready for Stacy to come home.

He hurried up and put his new men’s sex toys away because he did not want to show Stacy just yet, he wanted to keep it all a secret until he was getting paid which would start as soon as the next day which was when he planned to go live on chaturbate.

After putting his sex toys for men away and getting dressed, Stacy showed up a few minutes later with some Denny’s and some nice grass for them to do before fucking.

Stacy was also a sexual freak and sex addict. She needed dick in her mouth and in her pussy a couple of times a day and Adam was just the guy to give it to her. His stamina and libido was that of an 18 year old.

Adam masturbated several times a day and fucked Stacy several times at night.

Adam and Stacy were both starving so they ate their dinner and then after watched little T.V. while hitting Adam’s bong.

Adam wondered if they would let him smoke on chaturbate while on his couch hitting the bong, his thoughts were still racing thinking about chaturbate, his new male sex toys and getting Stacy involved.

sex toys for men beat it

Grass always made Stacy horny so after hitting the bong a few times she proceeded to jump on Adam and get him horny, which didn’t take him long since he had been playing with his sex toys for men all day without busting a nut.

After that she got on her knees and pulled his pants down, Adam’s raging hard on popped out and she was so happy to see it.

She loved sucking Adam’s 9 inch cock and stuffing it down her throat every night.

All Adam could think of were his male sex toys, chaturbate and all the money he was going to make! He was so excited he could not contain himself anymore and blew a chunky load of semen into her mouth making her choke and smile.

Stacy was pleasantly surprised she could still make Adam orgasm from sucking his dick.

After about 15 minutes Adam was ready for sex again and they proceeded to fuck a few more times before falling asleep. She noticed Adam had an improved stamina and extra energy.

Adam also noticed this and noticed that the sex toys for men helped his stamina as he drifted off to bed thinking about chaturbate.

The next day Adam woke up with lots of energy and excitement!

When he woke up, Stacy had already gone to work and it was time for him to start going live on chaturbate.

He made himself a simple breakfast and decided he was going to go the gym that day in order to look his best and get ready to make some money with the tips.

He had not worked out in over 2 years and felt good being back in the gym.

When he got back home, he took some bong hits and had a nice lunch before going on chaturbate.

He also turned on a little bit of porn to get his cock in good condition.

He made sure all of his male sex toys were recharged and had batteries in them that were brand new.

Soon he went live on chaturbate and was laying down on his bed showing his semi-erect cock to the world.

He had a few visitors in the first few minutes who insisted he stroke his cock for them but he was not doing that yet, he was teasing his fans until about 100 people were in the chat room and he then would start stroking his cock.

After 30 minutes and stroking his cock so it could stay hard he managed to draw in 100 people into his chat room, he also told them he would be using his new male sex toys when they tipped him.

His fan base grew quick because of his bad boy personality, he took bong hits on chaturbate while stroking his cock and teasing his viewers.

He noticed there were male and female viewers which was a little weird for him knowing that males were seeing him stroke his cock, but nevertheless money was money and it did not make him gay.

The gay males were actually tipping him more, Adam knew it was time to put on the best show he could in order to begin growing his loyal fan base.

He added some lube to his cock and began beating his monkey for his viewers.

Some of them were tipping him in order to see him stroke himself using his sex toys for men but he was saving the best for last and kept masturbating with the lube.

His cock was fully erect now and many more people were joining to watch him which made him get even more excited.

mens sex toys strobe

He kept jacking off and playing with his first men’s sex toy, the Moto bator, people started going crazy seeing his dick go in and out of the mens sex toy.

The tips started to pour in and applauds started to occur, more people came in, more tips started coming in, more girls, more males and more comments in the chat box.

His chat room was getting hot and popular shooting up in rankings and exposure.

He was now top 10 trending male masturbator for his first day and he had already made $100 bucks!

It was time for his second male sex toy, the PDX Deluxe rotating and sucking sex toy for men which had a clear sleeve and people could see his entire cock being masturbated.

This grew applauds and tips from his fans who were watching in excitement while masturbating themselves and watching him.

He was now standing up and playing with his sex toy for men, putting it close to the camera, showing the veins of his dick, show how it was pleasing him, showing his balls and penis head.

People were becoming more and more excited, tipping him more money, chatting and commenting in his chat room.

More people were coming in watching the action and the show, some people told other people and his room now had 500 people watching him perform his masturbation act.

Many people were asking for his cum, many people were tipping for him to cum so that they could cum together but he was still enjoying his male sex toys too much to cum yet, he wanted to keep lasting and going for more time.

He had now made over $300 in 2 hours, he knew he had something, he knew he had made it, it was working out for him. He started to get nervous, he started to sweat and get a little tired while masturbating but people kept tipping him and he had to please them.

He was so happy he could finally pay his rent and have money and all he had to do was masturbate and put on a sex toys for men show.

It was almost 3 hours of masturbating and it was now time for him to orgasma and blow his load, his act was getting old and people were leaving because he was never going to blow his load.

It was time to orgasm and he knew it, he started trying to cum but his dick went numb, he started panicking, he started to get worried that he would never cum, he started to worry he would never cum again!

People were leaving his chat room, they stopped tipping him and he could not make himself orgasm because his cock was too numb.

He didn’t know what to do, he picked up the male sex toys instructions and read the warning labels but it said nothing about not cumming.

He was scared his dick was ruined forever but eventually he managed to cum down and blow a load in the midst of all the fear and panic which had overtaken him.

He was so happy and relieved because for a moment there, he was terrified and worried his dick was ruined. But he made over $1,000 dollars his first day and that brought a big smile to his face. He drank some water, turned off his camera and called it a day.

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